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descriptionSymbiosisware for maintaining the DVD database.
ownerMark Wooding
last changeSat, 24 Jun 2023 23:33:32 +0000 (00:33 +0100)
2023-06-24 Mark Woodingpldb (list): Add `-w' option to show a window around... master
2023-06-24 Mark Woodingpldb (list): Allow multiple ranges.
2023-05-16 Mark Woodingpldb: Correct the usage for the `list' command.
2023-02-11 Mark Woodingpldb: Remove a list when incrementing or decrementing...
2023-02-11 Mark Woodingpldb: Force the database name.
2022-05-29 Mark Woodingpldb: Use more sensible `-=' and `+=' syntax for relati...
2022-04-06 Mark WoodingPlaylist support, other randomness.
2022-03-21 Mark Woodingupdate: Leave checking file existence to the report...
2022-03-21 Mark Woodingcycle: A script to automate updates.
2022-03-21 Mark WoodingInitial commit.
9 months ago master