chiark / gitweb / Export key label and owner as options to key generators.
[distorted-keys] / debian / distorted-keys.install
2013-06-08 Mark WoodingPut scripts in `pkgsharedir' rather than `pkglibdir'.
2012-02-23 Mark Woodingkeys.keeper-cards: Allow output as TeX source.
2012-02-23 Mark WoodingMakefile: Install configuration files.
2012-02-23 Mark WoodingSplit underlying machinery into a separate package.
2012-02-23 Mark Woodingkeys.conf: New file, suggesting a possible implementati...
2012-02-23 Mark WoodingDirectory claiming and ephemeral filesystems.
2012-02-13 Mark WoodingPrograms invoke themselves via `userv' if necessary.
2012-02-13 Mark Woodingdebian: About time, really.