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Makefile: Install configuration files.
[distorted-keys] /
2012-02-23 Mark WoodingMakefile: Install configuration files.
2012-02-23 Mark WoodingSplit underlying machinery into a separate package.
2012-02-23 Mark New script for doing stuff with public...
2012-02-23 Mark Woodingkeys.archive -> cryptop.archive: Command was in the...
2012-02-23 Mark Woodingkeys.conf: New file, suggesting a possible implementati...
2012-02-23 Mark WoodingDirectory claiming and ephemeral filesystems.
2012-02-23 Mark Woodingkeys.list-{keepers,recov}: New commands for inspecting...
2012-02-13 Mark Distinctive `SUBST' indicator for `confsub...
2012-02-13 Mark WoodingPrograms invoke themselves via `userv' if necessary.
2012-02-13 Mark Woodingkeys.*: Enforce separation between user's files and...
2012-02-13 Mark Woodingdebian: About time, really.
2012-02-13 Mark WoodingMakefile: Do the release hook thing.
2012-02-13 Mark Woodingprofile.d/*: Base configuration files.
2012-01-07 Mark Woodinguserv/ Rename from distorted-keys...
2012-01-07 Mark WoodingWhitespace fixing.
2011-12-26 Mark Woodingcryptop.list: New tool for listing keys. 0.99.1
2011-12-26 Mark Woodingkeys.archive: New program to capture and sign an archive.
2011-12-26 Mark Woodingdistorted-keys.userv: Add userv configuration snippet.
2011-12-26 Mark Move cryptop stuff after keys stuff.
2011-12-24 Mark WoodingMultiple key types, key profiles, and user key storage.
2011-12-17 Mark Woodingmore progress. recovery seems to be working now.
2011-12-13 Mark Woodinginitial checkin: still somewhat sketchy