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2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewellleave a comment in tkdisorder saying not maintained
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewellsuppress mention of tkdisorder
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewellweb support for noticed.db
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewellserver half of noticed.db
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewellrelax config file checking for non-server programs
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewelltypo
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewellcopyright dates
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewellfix auth docs
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewellcorrect eclient for new hashes
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewellsupport alternative hashes for authentication
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewell0-track edges cases for the last changes
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewelldocs catchup
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewellright click on directories in choose tab
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewellcope with "NN - " as well as "NN" in track names
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewelltooltips for search widgets
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewellset DISORDER_PLAYING bit off event log properly
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewelltooltips for properties buttons
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewellfix size of state bit table
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewelldisobedience docs update
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewellpropagate button in track properties popup
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewellspot changes to playing track via monitor list
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewellmore control state fiddling, starts nicely when server...
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewellreport volume at log start
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewellvolume is right from startup
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewellremove debugging guff, sorry
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewellupdate control buttons directly from state bits
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewellsend "playing" at start of log; document log state...
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewellfettle the right state word...
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewellnew state change notification logic
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewelldisobedience state monitoring -> separate source file
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewell_eclient_state is more general than _eclient_connected
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewelldefault to --without-server on mac
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewellde-verbose speaker
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewellcorrected speaker-failed error message
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewellspeaker process terminating is fatal
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewellupdate README.client text
2007-09-30 Richard KettlewellREADME updates especially for OS X
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewelldon't install plist
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewelldisable RunAtLoad
2007-09-30 rjk@greenend... more menu options desensitized when disconnected
2007-09-30 rjk@greenend... desensitive queue context menu options when disconnected
2007-09-30 rjk@greenend... grey out edit->track properties when not connected
2007-09-30 rjk@greenend... disobedience now detects disconnection within ~1s
2007-09-30 rjk@greenend... update control buttons when disconnection detected
2007-09-30 rjk@greenend... disobedience control buttons reflect current state...
2007-09-30 rjk@greenend... finish off FLAC support
2007-09-30 rjk@greenend... update debian build/run deps
2007-09-30 rjk@greenend... document current build/run/hack deps
2007-09-29 rjk@greenend... FLAC support in tracklength plugin
2007-09-29 Richard Kettlewelldarwin libiconv
2007-09-29 rjk@greenend... bzrignore
2007-09-29 rjk@greenend... ship plumbing doc when we dist
2007-09-29 rjk@greenend... simple architecture diagram
2007-09-28 rjk@greenend... wav file support for disorder-decode
2007-09-28 rjk@greenend... exclude nonsense finkbindir
2007-09-28 rjk@greenend... man page for disorder-decode
2007-09-28 rjk@greenend... use disorder-decode in configs
2007-09-28 rjk@greenend... ogg decoding in disorder-decode
2007-09-28 rjk@greenend... disorder-decode now works for MP3s
2007-09-28 rjk@greenend... docs updates
2007-09-28 rjk@greenend... correct disorder-normalize
2007-09-28 Richard Kettlewellspeaker protocol redesign to cope with libao re-opening
2007-09-27 Richard Kettlewellmad-based mp3 decoder. non-44.1KHz does not work right...
2007-09-26 Richard Kettlewellmissing images from disobedience deb
2007-09-26 Richard Kettlewellhide unmaintained tkdisorder
2007-09-26 Richard Kettlewellmore cautious parsing of getifnames() result
2007-09-26 Richard Kettlewelloption to suppress launchctl fiddling on install
2007-09-26 Richard Kettlewellreorganize README.streams
2007-09-26 Richard Kettlewellbuild fix
2007-09-26 Richard KettlewellUse getifaddrs() instead of ioctls. This is only docum...
2007-09-26 Richard Kettlewelldisorder-speaker now logs what it's transmitting too...
2007-09-26 Richard KettlewellKnock address specifications into order.
2007-09-25 Richard Kettlewelldocs
2007-09-25 Richard Kettlewelltotally untested multicast support
2007-09-25 rjk@greenend... leave a TODO relating to revno 78
2007-09-25 rjk@greenend... Disobedience no longer attempts to compute defaults...
2007-09-25 rjk@greenend... doxygen
2007-09-25 Richard Kettlewellseparate disobedience package; debconf now asks for...
2007-09-25 rjk@greenend... cope without main config file
2007-09-25 Richard Kettlewellnew disorder-rtp deb
2007-09-24 rjk@greenend... merge RTP branch
2007-09-24 rjk@greenend... docs updates
2007-09-24 Richard Kettlewellless harsh dropping of near-empty buffers
2007-09-24 rjk@greenend... split backends out into their own speaker-*.c
2007-09-24 Richard Kettlewellplayrtp junks old sample data in fill_buffer()
2007-09-24 rjk@greenend... target_rtp_time had better be even for stereo
2007-09-24 rjk@greenend... Saner speaker process design
2007-09-24 rjk@greenend... move speaker declarations to speaker.h
2007-09-24 rjk@greenend... doxygen
2007-09-24 rjk@greenend... doxygen + file naming
2007-09-23 rjk@greenend... doxygen
2007-09-23 rjk@greenend... doxygen; split out mainloop
2007-09-23 rjk@greenend... speaker refactoring
2007-09-23 rjk@greenend... speaker refactoring
2007-09-23 rjk@greenend... doxygen