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2009-04-05 Richard Kettlewellupdate copyright date
2009-04-05 Richard KettlewellPython module now supports the same authorization hash...
2009-04-05 Richard Kettlewelluse explicit port number
2009-04-05 Richard KettlewellMerge Unicode 5.1.0 support.
2009-04-05 Richard KettlewellMention Unicode 5.1.0 in CHANGES.html.
2009-04-05 Richard KettlewellDon't look up before/after code points more than once...
2009-04-05 Richard KettlewellRename word break property values
2009-04-05 Richard KettlewellUpdate word break algorithm for Unicode 5.1.0 (based...
2009-04-05 Richard KettlewellUpdate grapheme break algorithm to Unicode 5.1.0 (based...
2009-04-05 Richard KettlewellUse Unicode 5.1.0 for tables and tests. Approx 200...
2009-04-05 Richard KettlewellMissing address family member in sockaddrs.
2009-04-04 Richard KettlewellDiscard update-rc.d output
2009-04-04 Richard KettlewellOverride lintian warning about start-stop-daemon
2009-04-04 Richard KettlewellUse command instead of type, for greater portability
2009-04-04 Richard KettlewellCorrect debian changelog name
2009-04-04 Richard KettlewellStrip installed objects in .debs
2009-04-04 Richard Kettlewell.debs now have md5sums
2009-04-04 Richard KettlewellAnother man page hyphen fix
2009-04-04 Richard KettlewellMan page hyphen fixes
2009-03-22 Richard KettlewellMerge from OS X GTK+ branch
2009-03-22 Richard Kettlewell--with-gtk-osx option to use native GTK+ on macs
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellRemove obsolete alsabg.[ch]
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellMissing doxygen @file sections
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellMore doxygen tidy-up
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellA little doxygen tidy-up
2009-03-14 Richard Kettlewellupdate CHANGES.html
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellMerge config aliasing bug fix.
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellZero out configuration strings when they are freed.
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellDocument -4/-6 for listen, connect etc.
2009-03-14 Richard Kettlewellconnect uses new network address support
2009-03-14 Richard Kettlewell'listen' option now uses struct netaddress too.
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellStart rationalizing network address configuration.
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellCorrect setting of rtp-source-port.
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellTests use 'api rtp' to avoid (harmless) error message
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellHorrid hack to recover run-time endianness for testing.
2009-03-14 Richard Kettlewelltracklength plugin needs -lm
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellMerge uaudio stragglers.
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellMerge from uaudio branch.
2009-03-14 Richard Kettlewelldisorder-speaker now correctly listens for its own...
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellExpose command backend pause mode to server configurati...
2009-03-14 Richard Kettlewelltypo fix
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellThe command backend now supports the old (suspending...
2009-03-13 Richard KettlewellThe command backend now sends 0s rather than suspending...
2009-03-13 Richard KettlewellSplit up the multicast and unicast cases in disorder...
2009-03-13 Richard Kettlewelldisorder-playrtp now releases its lock around activate...
2009-03-13 Richard KettlewellMerge playrtp readahead reduction
2009-03-11 Richard KettlewellDon't activate pending track until the previous track...
2009-03-10 Richard KettlewellClean up online registration confirmation strings....
2009-03-08 Richard KettlewellReduce playrtp readahead to 0.5s
2009-03-08 Richard KettlewellMore reliable gapless play.
2009-03-08 Richard KettlewellMerge volume and build fixes
2009-03-08 Richard KettlewellMerge configuration fixes
2009-03-08 Richard Kettlewelluaudio gains a new 'configure' method, which imposes...
2009-03-08 Richard Kettlewellgcrypt initialization to suppress warning message....
2009-03-08 Richard Kettlewellget-volume shouldn't corrupt the volume!
2009-03-08 Richard KettlewellBuild fixes for FreeBSD
2009-03-08 Richard Kettlewellbasen() now takes uint32_t rather than unsigned long...
2009-03-08 Richard KettlewellBuild fixes for uaudio ALSA/OSS backends.
2009-03-08 Richard Kettlewell'api' configuration command now uses uaudio. The list...
2009-03-03 Richard Kettlewelluaudio_apis[] is a constant
2009-03-03 Richard KettlewellAbolish UAUDIO_DEFAULT
2009-03-03 Richard KettlewellRestore uaudio_apis[], but in a separate executable...
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellAdd xcalloc_noptr(), which allows uaudio-thread.c to...
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellUniform audio command back end now rate limited.
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellAbolish uaudio_apis[]. Instead, define UAUDIO_DEFAULT...
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellDocument disorder-playrtp --command in CHANGES.html
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellMerge build fix
2009-03-01 Richard Kettlewelluaudio-rtp.c builds on Mac
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellMerge latest work from uniform audio branch. The only...
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellSupport uniform audio command backend from disorder...
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellCorrect command FD!
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellUniform audio version of the command backend. No attem...
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellUniform audio RTP implementation. Not tested yet!
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellMerge from uniform audio branch. disorder-playrtp...
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellMerge disorder-playrtp docs fix
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellQuieten autotools warning
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellImprove disorder-playrtp docs/--help
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellFix uaudio-coreaudio.c after last change
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellALSA support for uniform audio. ALSA and OSS support...
2009-02-28 Richard Kettlewelluaudio OSS support now compiles
2009-02-28 Richard KettlewellUniform audio backend for Core Audio. There is an...
2009-02-28 Richard KettlewellMerge more Core Audio hackery from uaudio branch.
2009-02-28 Richard KettlewellTurns out that GetMacOSStatusErrorString() and
2009-02-28 Richard KettlewellCore Audio support should now include descriptions...
2009-02-28 Richard Kettlewelltypo fix
2009-02-28 Richard KettlewellRemove further databases on Debian remove/purge.
2009-02-22 Richard KettlewellMerge Core Audio fixes
2009-02-22 Richard KettlewellSupport arbitrary Core Audio devices.
2009-02-22 Richard Kettlewelldisorderd does not (currently) need CoreAudio libraries...
2009-02-21 Richard KettlewellRemove fossils
2009-02-21 Richard Kettlewellmem-impl.h is no longer shared code, so remove
2009-02-21 Richard KettlewellRemove obsolete api-client.[ch]
2009-02-17 Richard Kettlewellnot 4.3 any more
2009-02-17 Richard Kettlewelltypo fixes and updates
2009-02-15 Richard KettlewellDisOrder 4.3 4.3
2009-02-15 Richard KettlewellShip scripts/setversion; needed by new scripts/dist
2009-02-15 Richard KettlewellBring CHANGES.html up to date
2009-02-15 Richard KettlewellOldstabe version gets a ~-based version number.
2009-02-15 Richard Kettlewellscripts/dist now builds and ships various .deb files
2009-02-15 Richard KettlewellShip