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2008-06-07 Richard KettlewellGeneral-purpose event distribution interface
2008-06-07 Richard KettlewellDon't stomp on choose widhet's submenu's color scheme
2008-06-06 Richard Kettlewellscripts/ no longer removes things that are...
2008-06-06 Richard KettlewellMention remote_userman bug in disobedience.1
2008-06-06 Richard KettlewellMake menu_update() robust against being called before...
2008-06-06 Richard KettlewellAdd jukebox user to audio group in debian setup
2008-06-06 Richard KettlewellMore automation of web interface installation
2008-06-06 Richard KettlewellFix another stupid in @dirs...
2008-06-06 Richard Kettlewellforce cgidir so we can build on a system without a...
2008-06-06 Richard KettlewellFix display of play/edit all in choose.tmpl
2008-06-06 Richard KettlewellAutomate installation of the CGI at last.
2008-06-05 Richard Kettlewellremove css cruft for long-gone separate search page
2008-06-05 Richard KettlewellMissed an action button in earlier changes
2008-06-05 Richard KettlewellCorrect file exposed by @dirs and @files!
2008-06-05 Richard KettlewellTidy up search form; remove cruft
2008-06-05 Richard KettlewellStyle button as well. Consistent in IE and FF, a bit...
2008-06-05 Richard KettlewellUse form-based buttons instead of hyperlinks
2008-06-05 Richard KettlewellMacro-ize (most) <A>-based buttons
2008-06-05 Richard KettlewellClean up properly in postrm.
2008-06-04 Richard KettlewellMacroize submit buttons so we can mess with them more...
2008-06-04 Richard KettlewellVerify --help/--version for disorder-choose
2008-06-04 Richard KettlewellFiddle with CSS+HTML in effort to get more consistent...
2008-06-03 Richard KettlewellImprove button appearance (slightly) in IE7
2008-06-03 Richard KettlewellRestore track length in CGI
2008-06-03 Richard KettlewellCorrect title attribute for @onoff controls
2008-06-03 Richard KettlewellCorrect back= URL for volume setting
2008-06-03 Richard KettlewellDon't report failure just because MTA is being over...
2008-06-03 Richard KettlewellAdd missing type attribute in login.tmpl. Only IE7...
2008-06-03 Richard KettlewellDebian packaging changes:
2008-06-02 Richard Kettlewellsetup.anjou freebsd support
2008-06-02 Richard Kettlewellscripts/setup no longer asks for smtp server
2008-06-02 Richard KettlewellAdd scripts/setup.anjou for local test installs
2008-06-02 Richard KettlewellWork around buggy FreeBSD strptime()
2008-06-02 Richard KettlewellAvoid looping indefinitely.
2008-06-02 Richard KettlewellCHANGES -> CHANGES.html in debian scripts too
2008-06-02 Richard KettlewellBuild fix for Linux
2008-06-01 Richard KettlewellFixed sendmail path for Debian
2008-06-01 Richard Kettlewellupdate README.upgrades
2008-06-01 Richard KettlewellUse system sendmail if available (rather than SMTP...
2008-06-01 Richard KettlewellLimit rescan/recheck messages to one every 10 seconds...
2008-05-31 Richard Kettlewellwarnings from man pages, if we have groff...
2008-05-27 Richard Kettlewellfatal() testing for dateparse()
2008-05-26 Richard KettlewellCHANGES -> CHANGES.html
2008-05-26 Richard Kettlewell"make distcheck" now passes
2008-05-26 Richard KettlewellFiddle with menu font size
2008-05-26 Richard KettlewellMore CGI fiddlig
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellMore web appearance fiddling
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellTinker with UI appearance a bit
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellLinux build fix
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellCatch up with new CGI location
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellBring disorder_config(5) up to date a bit
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellSource code reorganization:
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellQuieten over-pick compiler.
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellTABLE_FIND() now uses typeof. We're committed to GCC...
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellUse new random_id() for queue IDs
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellFix type of shift in disorder-choose.
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellThe Debian install scripts now uses the current locale...
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellMove tests into their own directory. Means you can...
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellLess verbose version string
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellMerge event scheduling implementation. This fixes...
2008-05-25 Richard Kettlewellupdate CHANGES
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellLog discarded junk events.
2008-05-24 Richard KettlewellSupport schedule.db in disorder-dump
2008-05-24 Richard Kettlewellmore schedule testing
2008-05-24 Richard KettlewellFix random_id(). Oops.
2008-05-24 Richard KettlewellAdd schedule-* commmands to completion.bash
2008-05-24 Richard KettlewellKill non-re-entrant xgetdate(). We don't use it so...
2008-05-24 Richard KettlewellShadow
2008-05-24 Richard KettlewellBuild fix for Linux
2008-05-24 Richard KettlewellCommand line interface now takes more human-friendly...
2008-05-24 Richard KettlewellMore schedule code testing; fix C interface.
2008-05-24 Richard KettlewellSupport schedule-* commands from command-line client...
2008-05-24 Richard KettlewellPython test script for the scheduling code.
2008-05-24 Richard KettlewellRemove -u from as well.
2008-05-24 Richard KettlewellServer and Python interface now support schedule-*...
2008-05-24 Richard KettlewellBack end for scheduling code (cf defect #6). Currently...
2008-05-23 Richard KettlewellDisOrder's event loop now stores its timeouts in heap...
2008-05-20 Richard Kettlewelltesting for infer_url()
2008-05-20 Richard KettlewellFurther test coverage
2008-05-20 Richard KettlewellAdd a test program for charset.c.
2008-05-20 Richard KettlewellExtend hash.c test coverage
2008-05-19 Richard Kettlewelldisorder-choose now uses an arcfour keystream as its...
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellBias up recently added tracks. See new_bias and new_bi...
2008-05-18 Richard Kettlewellbring CHANGES up to date
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellMerge disorder.macros branch.
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellAdd New back to web interface (oops)
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellMake "short" context in @part actually work
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellEmpty back= should be treated as if absent
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellFix debian/rules for new man pages
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellBodge version number for test installs
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellRead user.tmpl after macros.tmpl
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellDocumentation tweaks
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellBring CGI docs pretty much up to date
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellRestore breadcrumb trail to choose.tmpl
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellAdd a new 'wait' flag to the rescan command. This...
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellBuild fixes
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellReturn from login page to what you were trying to do
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellTranslate preferences page to the new order.
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellSynchronize with
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellResolve aliases in c_get, c_set, c_prefs and c_part...