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2007-07-07 rjk@greenend... copyright dates
2007-07-07 rjk@greenend... disobedience: Clear out the root before refilling it.
2007-07-07 rjk@greenend... compute_alias() is now also hardened against tracks...
2007-07-07 rjk@greenend... find_track_root() now issues a log message if it finds...
2007-07-07 rjk@greenend... Disable use of libgc on libglib and descendants. I...
2007-07-07 rjk@greenend... insist on GC_all_interior_pointers
2007-07-03 Richard KettlewellEnable gc_mem_gc_friendly ad G_SLICE_CONFIG_ALWAYS_MALL...
2007-07-01 Richard Kettlewellnote about configuration required by disobedience
2007-07-01 Richard KettlewellMore Debianization stuff:
2007-07-01 Richard Kettlewelluse dist-hook to ship bzr changelog
2007-07-01 Richard KettlewellRemove some wacky leftover debugging.
2007-07-01 Richard Kettlewelldebianization makefile hackery
2007-07-01 Richard Kettlewellignores for local build
2007-07-01 Richard Kettlewellmore ignores
2007-07-01 Richard KettlewellInclude bzr changelog in ChangeLog.d.
2007-07-01 Richard KettlewellFixes for 64-bit Linux support. Reported by Ross Younger.
2007-07-01 Richard Kettlewellchange version to reflect development status
2007-07-01 Richard KettlewellDebianization fixes from Colin Watson.
2007-07-01 Richard KettlewellFix sedfiles.make to cope with changed make syntax...
2007-07-01 Richard KettlewellRemove redundant words in configure output. Reported...
2007-05-28 Richard Kettlewellreference bzr
2007-01-28 rjk@greenend... Correct definition of BUILD_SPEAKER for...
2007-01-28 Richard Only look for ALSA libraries on Linux...
2007-01-23 rjk@greenend... vertical-align:: wants 'middle', not 'center'
2007-01-23 rjk@greenend... Remove arch tags throughout
2007-01-23 rjk@greenend... Import from Arch revision: