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2007-09-22 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen
2007-09-22 Richard Kettlewellmore playrtp fiddling. still noise.
2007-09-22 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen
2007-09-22 Richard Kettlewellplayrtp now uses heap.h
2007-09-22 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen
2007-09-22 Richard Kettlewellhelp/version checks
2007-09-21 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen
2007-09-21 Richard Kettlewellmore doxygen
2007-09-21 Richard Kettlewelltidying and docs
2007-09-21 Richard Kettlewellmention heap.h in makefile so it is distributed
2007-09-21 Richard Kettlewellbinary heap macro and a simple test case
2007-09-21 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen
2007-09-21 Richard Kettlewellcorrect hex() for 0 length outputs
2007-09-18 Richard Kettlewellabolish linked list of packets. (linux still to do.)
2007-09-18 Richard Kettlewelldrop 0s at end of rtp packets
2007-09-18 Richard Kettlewellmore logging
2007-09-17 Richard Kettlewellmore rtp_time fixes. still borked l-(
2007-09-17 Richard Kettlewelldon't backtrack rtp_time. still not good l-(
2007-09-17 Richard Kettlewelllog rtp timestamp updates (which shows that they are...
2007-09-17 Richard Kettlewellsort of works on macos
2007-09-17 Richard Kettlewellnon-server builds want alsa too now
2007-09-17 Richard Kettlewellplayrtp now builds on macos. untested.
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... yet more logging; dots at every snd_pcm_wait
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... more logging; halve default buffer size
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... more logging and a saner way to figure out what to...
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... a bit more doxygen
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... missing samples_written assign
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... make watermarks configurable and up default; ignore...
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... sort of works
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... correct next_timestamp logic
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... now builds on linux
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... --wide-open option; better login failure logging
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... start on doxygenization of guts
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... correct backend docs
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... mention broadcast, broadcast_from in disorder_config(5)
2007-09-16 rjk@greenend... alsa code builds again
2007-09-04 Richard KettlewellInstall disorderd under launchd in Mac OS X.
2007-08-25 Richard Kettlewellrescan reports progress every 1000 tracks
2007-08-25 Richard Kettlewellfix scratch path
2007-08-25 Richard Kettlewellonly report volume change fail once
2007-08-25 Richard Kettlewellrefer to README.raw
2007-08-25 Richard Kettlewellmention plugin install locations
2007-08-25 Richard Kettlewellmention raw players
2007-08-22 Richard Kettlewellmake sure tests is last directory
2007-08-22 Richard Kettlewellgc.h might be in /sw/include/gc
2007-08-22 Richard Kettlewellput the newline in the right place
2007-08-19 rjk@greenend... README hint for debian users
2007-08-19 Richard KettlewellDB_RECORDCOUNT has been deprecated for ages and has...
2007-07-31 Richard Kettlewellskeletal test infrastructure
2007-07-29 rjk@greenend... don't leak cn->container. FINALLY.
2007-07-29 rjk@greenend... further horrid memory debugging stuff
2007-07-29 rjk@greenend... report cache size with MDEBUG
2007-07-29 rjk@greenend... use clear_children() more consistently
2007-07-29 rjk@greenend... don't leak list of children
2007-07-29 rjk@greenend... more verbose menu items
2007-07-29 Richard Kettlewellquieten compiler
2007-07-29 rjk@greenend... ,commit
2007-07-26 Richard Kettlewellremember to dist disorder-speaker.8
2007-07-18 Richard Kettlewella couple of missing pcre -> gc bindings
2007-07-17 Richard KettlewellDon't link against -lgc if not using garbage collection.
2007-07-15 Richard Kettlewell-liconv where needed
2007-07-15 rjk@greenend... disorder-rescan now obsoletes tracks that belong to...
2007-07-15 rjk@greenend... minor tidying following last change
2007-07-15 rjk@greenend... Abolish shared libdisorder; now we use a static one.
2007-07-15 Richard Kettlewelldisobedience: don't crash if no password
2007-07-10 rjk@greenend... update README.streams to be bidirectional. (don't...
2007-07-10 rjk@greenend... disobedience more robust against server restart
2007-07-10 rjk@greenend... updated CHANGES
2007-07-10 rjk@greenend... New queue_pad option defines how big to keep the queue...
2007-07-10 rjk@greenend... note bug
2007-07-10 rjk@greenend... more speaker mode care
2007-07-10 rjk@greenend... speaker process is now more consistent about whether...
2007-07-10 rjk@greenend... New configuration option sox_generation to choose betwe...
2007-07-10 Richard Kettlewellignore tarballs
2007-07-08 rjk@greenend... docs note that sox is required for speaker_command
2007-07-08 rjk@greenend... missing break in soxargs()
2007-07-08 rjk@greenend... build speaker even if no alsa
2007-07-08 rjk@greenend... document speaker_command and sample_format
2007-07-08 rjk@greenend... Merge from Mark's branch.
2007-07-08 rjk@greenend... Merge from MDW's branch:
2007-07-08 rjk@greenend... make speaker logging less verbose
2007-07-08 rjk@greenend... Handle underrun when detected during poll() setup as...
2007-07-07 rjk@greenend... more mm care in disobedience/choose.c
2007-07-07 rjk@greenend... copyright dates
2007-07-07 rjk@greenend... disobedience: Clear out the root before refilling it.
2007-07-07 rjk@greenend... compute_alias() is now also hardened against tracks...
2007-07-07 rjk@greenend... find_track_root() now issues a log message if it finds...
2007-07-07 rjk@greenend... Disable use of libgc on libglib and descendants. I...
2007-07-07 rjk@greenend... insist on GC_all_interior_pointers
2007-07-03 Richard KettlewellEnable gc_mem_gc_friendly ad G_SLICE_CONFIG_ALWAYS_MALL...
2007-07-01 Richard Kettlewellnote about configuration required by disobedience
2007-07-01 Richard KettlewellMore Debianization stuff:
2007-07-01 Richard Kettlewelluse dist-hook to ship bzr changelog
2007-07-01 Richard KettlewellRemove some wacky leftover debugging.
2007-07-01 Richard Kettlewelldebianization makefile hackery
2007-07-01 Richard Kettlewellignores for local build
2007-07-01 Richard Kettlewellmore ignores
2007-07-01 Richard KettlewellInclude bzr changelog in ChangeLog.d.
2007-07-01 Richard KettlewellFixes for 64-bit Linux support. Reported by Ross Younger.
2007-07-01 Richard Kettlewellchange version to reflect development status