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2009-11-21 Richard Kettlewellogg decodes differently in different places l-(
2009-11-21 Richard KettlewellCheck mp3 decoding too
2009-11-21 Richard KettlewellDecoder tests no longer depend on being able to run...
2009-11-21 Richard Kettlewellupdate python dep in README.developers
2009-11-21 Richard Kettlewelltypo in error message
2009-11-21 Richard KettlewellWarn that libsamplerate will become non-optional (for...
2009-11-21 Richard KettlewellUpdate deprecation warnings
2009-11-21 Richard KettlewellTypo
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellUse libsamplerate in disorder-normalize, if available...
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellMention libsamplerate in readmes
2009-11-20 Richard Kettlewelldisorder-normalize now uses resample_convert() if libsa...
2009-11-20 Richard Kettlewellmissing 'break's
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellMove ENDIAN_ constants to new byte-order.h.
2009-11-20 Richard Kettlewellerror/fatal/info -> disorder_error/fatal/info
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellA couple of stray disorder_error/_fatal fixes
2009-11-20 Richard Kettlewellerror/fatal/info -> disorder_error/fatal/info
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellDon't use fatal macro
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellQuieten compiler
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellMore resampler testing
2009-11-19 Richard KettlewellMore resampler tests
2009-11-19 Richard KettlewellTrivial resampler fixes
2009-11-19 Richard KettlewellInitial resample.c implementation
2009-11-19 Richard KettlewellFix the build fix. It turns out that Uint32 != uint32_t.
2009-11-19 Richard KettlewellMerge mac build fix
2009-11-19 Richard Kettlewell64-bit macos fix
2009-11-18 Richard KettlewellFix httpdir handling typo
2009-11-18 Richard KettlewellMerge D+D memory management fixes
2009-11-18 Richard KettlewellCorrect Build-Depends syntax. Stupid me for not testing!
2009-11-17 Richard KettlewellUpdate GTK+ version required
2009-11-17 Richard Kettlewellcompress build dep table a bit
2009-11-15 Richard KettlewellSome missing D+D memory management
2009-11-15 Richard Kettlewellmention copy-drag track playing in CHANGES
2009-11-15 Richard KettlewellMerge latest drag+drop improvements
2009-11-15 Richard Kettlewellremove obsolete comment
2009-11-15 Richard KettlewellFix edge cases in dropzone selection code and make...
2009-11-15 Richard Kettlewellmultidrag.[ch] -> MIT licence, to maximize general...
2009-11-15 Richard KettlewellUpdate copyright notices
2009-11-15 Richard Kettlewellscrolling when a drag+drop operation is near the top or
2009-11-15 Richard KettlewellMention drag playing in disobedience manual
2009-11-15 Richard Kettlewellcomments
2009-11-15 Richard KettlewellImplement dragging from the choose tab. This adds...
2009-11-15 Richard KettlewellMove drag-begin handling to multidrag.c
2009-11-15 Richard KettlewellMake multidrag a bit more independent of Disobedience
2009-11-14 Richard KettlewellUnref dead pixmaps.
2009-11-14 Richard KettlewellSupport copy-dragging from non-droppable queues into...
2009-11-14 Richard KettlewellMerge drag+drop rewrite. It's now possible to drag...
2009-11-14 Richard KettlewellAdd new 'playafter' command to protocol, eclient and...
2009-11-14 Richard Kettlewell--without-server builds should now work again.
2009-11-14 Richard KettlewellDon't build trackdb-playlists.c for non-server builds.
2009-11-13 Richard KettlewellComments, esp. for multidrag
2009-11-13 Richard KettlewellMultiple-track drag+drop queue rearrangement.
2009-11-12 Richard KettlewellHandle drag-motion and drag-leave and highlight the...
2009-11-09 Richard KettlewellRemove dead object
2009-11-09 Richard KettlewellReplace the drag icon with a representation of the...
2009-11-09 Richard KettlewellStart using low-level drag+drop interface, which is...
2009-11-08 Richard KettlewellAdd arg missed in change 958.
2009-11-08 Richard KettlewellAdd 'self' argument to queuelike callbacks. Not used...
2009-11-08 Richard KettlewellMore doc comments
2009-10-26 Richard KettlewellMore comments
2009-10-25 Richard KettlewellMore comments.
2009-10-25 Richard KettlewellMore comments
2009-10-25 Richard KettlewellMore comments
2009-10-25 Richard KettlewellMore comments.
2009-10-25 Richard KettlewellImprove doc comments.
2009-10-25 Richard KettlewellTidy up trackdb_deinit() further, and include disorder...
2009-10-25 Richard Kettlewelltrackdb_deinit() kills stats subprocesses. Resolves...
2009-10-25 Richard KettlewellCleaner subprocess shutdow in trackdb_deinit().
2009-10-24 Richard KettlewellAdd some comments
2009-10-24 Richard KettlewellRemove extraneous logging.
2009-10-24 Richard KettlewellSIGTERM and wait for subprocesses on server shutdown.
2009-10-24 Richard KettlewellFiner-grained wait for socket to appear when testing.
2009-10-24 Richard KettlewellMerge playlist support.
2009-10-18 Richard KettlewellMerge from
2009-10-18 Richard KettlewellShun time(), since on Linux it is not monotonic with...
2009-10-17 Richard KettlewellIf including both program name and date in log message...
2009-10-17 Richard KettlewellFix mis-merged trackdb_open().
2009-10-15 Richard KettlewellMerge from trunk
2009-10-15 Richard KettlewellDon't catch SystemExit 77 in tests.
2009-10-10 Richard KettlewellDisable (incomplete) Disobedience playlist support.
2009-10-10 Richard KettlewellMerge playlist support.
2009-10-10 Richard KettlewellDitch --with-bits and detect Fink bitness automatically.
2009-10-03 Richard KettlewellUpdate copyright dates
2009-10-03 Richard KettlewellAdd missing -liconv in various places.
2009-10-03 Richard KettlewellTurn off deprecated symbol warnings under OS X.
2009-10-03 Richard KettlewellDefault to 32-bit builds on OS X. Apple's compiler...
2009-09-06 Richard KettlewellDon't depend on oggdec at build time. It is still...
2009-09-01 Richard KettlewellRemove duplicate reference to about.tmpl
2009-08-02 Richard KettlewellUpdate CHANGES.html for FLAC bug fix.
2009-08-02 Richard KettlewellPatch from Ross Younger to correct FLAC decoding.
2009-08-02 Richard KettlewellDo a test decode of a FLAC file.
2009-08-02 Richard KettlewellMention bug-fixes below in CHANGES.html.
2009-08-02 Richard KettlewellDisobedience now configures its sound device correctly.
2009-08-02 Richard KettlewellPlacate picky compiler.
2009-08-02 Richard KettlewellInclude sys/time.h in a few places, necessary for older...
2009-08-02 Richard KettlewellAdd trackdb_deinit() stub.
2009-08-02 Richard Kettlewellplayrtp shouldn't bind twice when in unicast/broadcast...
2009-07-27 Richard KettlewellFix empeg-only syntax error. Fixes issue #42.
2009-07-18 Richard KettlewellSlightly chattier tests/
2009-07-18 Richard KettlewellTypo fix.
2009-07-18 Richard KettlewellServer postinst now waits for server to start working...