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2011-08-07 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen: add some missing docstrings.
2011-08-07 Richard Kettlewelldocs: typo
2011-08-07 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen: clean up function documentation.
2011-08-01 Richard Kettlewellgitignore *.pyc
2011-08-01 Richard KettlewellPython: don't supply a value when unsetting a global...
2011-08-01 Richard KettlewellServer: correct sense of set-global response.
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-5.0'
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellCHANGES.html for 5.0.3 upstream/branch-5.0
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellSECURITY: server: don't allow local connections to...
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellDisobedience: suppress bogus initial set of global...
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellDisobedience: mention global prefs in manual.
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellUpdate CHANGES.html.
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellMerge branch 'issue29'
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellDisobedience: show playing/random-play global prefs... upstream/issue29
2011-07-31 Richard Kettlewellserver: remember to issue a response to set-global...
2011-07-31 Richard Kettlewellserver: setting playing and random-play global prefs...
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellDisobedience: change filtering window to be a more...
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellDisobedience: add a Close button to the filtering window.
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellMerge commit 'ad0c0f361be0'
2011-07-31 Richard Kettlewellplayrtp: refuse to play RTP via RTP.
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellInitialize filtering logic properly.
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellDo not fatal-error when deleting a global pref that...
2011-07-30 Richard Kettlewellgitignore *~
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellDisobedience: basic support for required/prohibited...
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellSupport global prefs through eclient interface.
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellDocument global_pref log event.
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellEmit a log event when a global pref changes.
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellUpdate CHANGES.html
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellTypo.
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellUpdate copyright dates in version strings
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellDon't call libtool --mode=finish.
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellMore bzr->git transition fallout.
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellShip README.developers to web.
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellShip README, CHANGES.html to web.
2011-07-30 Richard Kettlewell.gitignore, subsequent to import into git.
2011-05-28 Richard KettlewellRetire lenny builds
2011-05-28 Richard KettlewellFix CHANGES HTML
2011-05-28 Richard KettlewellMerge up to 5.0.2
2011-05-28 Richard KettlewellMention login cookie
2011-05-28 Richard KettlewellBuild-depend on stable's libdb.
2011-03-26 Richard KettlewellTypo fix.
2011-02-18 Richard KettlewellPlacate sid's stricter -l requirements
2011-02-18 Richard Kettlewelltypo in cron script
2011-02-13 Richard KettlewellSimple tvsub_us tests
2011-02-13 Richard KettlewellMount checking can now hash /proc/mounts
2011-02-13 Richard KettlewellOpen track db at right point so ownership is right.
2011-02-13 Richard KettlewellGet permissions right on restored databases (issue...
2011-02-13 Richard KettlewellAdd a daily backup cron job to the Debian package.
2011-02-12 Richard KettlewellAdd (undocumented) rtp_verbose option, to generate...
2011-02-12 Richard KettlewellConsistency check for finished tracks.
2011-02-12 Richard Kettlewellchange version number
2011-02-12 Richard KettlewellUnicode 6.0.0 support
2011-02-12 Richard Kettlewellupdate version number
2011-02-12 Richard Kettlewellscripts/dist now supports chroots.
2011-02-12 Richard KettlewellCope with missing mtab better.
2011-02-12 Richard KettlewellPlay nicely with Autoconf 2.68
2011-02-12 Richard Kettlewellfix debian/rules clean when there is no makefile yet
2011-02-12 Richard Kettlewellbuild depends compatible with squeeze
2010-07-18 Richard KettlewellMerge memory hygeine branch
2010-07-11 User &Check for db47 (not db46) on FreeBSD.
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellEject a bunch of never-read variables, to reduce noise...
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellMore clang-inspired fixes
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellFixed another null pointer deref in the same line!
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellFix trackdb_search() deadlock handling.
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellCheck unhex() returns non-NULL
2010-06-17 Richard Kettlewellcheck_string() should check that GOT is non-NULL, not...
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellMerge various clang-inspired fixes
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellPlacate static analyzer
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellFixed a null pointer deref.
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellCheck correctly for the case where no player is found.
2010-06-17 Richard KettlewellFix a few of the things the Clang static analyzer detects:
2010-06-13 Richard KettlewellRemove -Wbad-function-cast from GCC warnings.
2010-06-10 Richard KettlewellSplit up disorder-decode source into one file per format.
2010-06-10 Richard KettlewellDocument bug fix in CHANGES.
2010-06-09 Richard KettlewellDon't keep audio files open except when they are actual...
2010-06-09 Richard KettlewellSplit up tracklength module into separate files for...
2010-06-09 Richard KettlewellRemove support for obsolete FLAC versions from tracklen...
2010-06-09 Richard KettlewellInverst sense of pause menu item.
2010-06-08 Richard KettlewellAdd a config option to suppres rescan on (un)mount.
2010-06-08 Richard KettlewellAdd initial devices of removable device support to...
2010-06-08 Richard KettlewellMemory management for hands-off reader
2010-06-07 Richard KettlewellCheer up linux compiler
2010-06-07 Richard KettlewellHands-off reading for FLAC.
2010-06-07 Richard KettlewellAbolish support for obsolete FLAC API.
2010-06-07 Richard KettlewellHands-off reading for OGGs.
2010-06-07 Richard KettlewellWAV hands-off reading.
2010-06-06 Richard KettlewellUse hands-off reader in MP3 decoding.
2010-06-06 Richard KettlewellHands-off reader type
2010-06-06 Richard Kettlewellcopyright dates
2010-06-06 Richard KettlewellMissing gcry_md_close.
2010-06-06 Richard KettlewellAutomatically rescan when a filesystem is mounted or...
2010-06-06 Richard KettlewellDisOrder 5.0 5.0
2010-06-06 Richard Kettlewelldoc-base registration for Disobedience manual
2010-06-06 Richard KettlewellMinor Lintian fixes
2010-06-05 Richard KettlewellMake sure HTML man pages are in build directory.
2010-06-04 Richard KettlewellFix modifier key handling in Disobedience drag+drop...
2010-04-17 Richard KettlewellRemove libao plugin entirely; too much pain coping...
2010-04-11 Richard KettlewellCheck whether libao has a working plugin interface...
2010-04-11 Richard KettlewellCorrect return type in test.
2010-04-11 Richard KettlewellCheck whether libao has a working plugin interface...