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12 years agoNew tests/ converts filenames back and forth between UTF-8
Richard Kettlewell [Fri, 21 Mar 2008 16:03:01 +0000 (16:03 +0000)]
New tests/ converts filenames back and forth between UTF-8
and ISO-8859-1 to make sure the server copes.  MDW reported a bug in
this area; it may be something that's already been fixed in 2.1 since
the test works for me.

This test won't run on Darwin since filenames must be UTF-8 there.

12 years agoTypo fix.
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 17:04:21 +0000 (17:04 +0000)]
Typo fix.

12 years agomissed disorder-stats in --version fix
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 11:21:28 +0000 (11:21 +0000)]
missed disorder-stats in --version fix

12 years agoReverse the order of the shutdown() calls on the socketpair used to
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 11:10:46 +0000 (11:10 +0000)]
Reverse the order of the shutdown() calls on the socketpair used to
connect to the speaker process.  OS X 10.5 actually cares about this.
I think this is a bug but it's easy enough to work around provided
other platforms don't care in the opposite direction.

This brings 'make check' to a full pass on Leopard.

12 years agoSet the default minimum deployment target to Mac OS X 10.0. The main
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 11:08:49 +0000 (11:08 +0000)]
Set the default minimum deployment target to Mac OS X 10.0.  The main
motivation for this is to avoid a deprecation warning on 10.5, where
AudioDeviceAddIOProc() is deprecated in favour of an alternative that
returns an ID, but it'll help anyone attempting binary distribution,

We honor MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET if set, and there's a configure
option to override it.

12 years agoAdjust --version output to more closely match GNU standards
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 10:21:58 +0000 (10:21 +0000)]
Adjust --version output to more closely match GNU standards

12 years agoSome minor debianization fixes
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 9 Mar 2008 10:00:04 +0000 (10:00 +0000)]
Some minor debianization fixes

12 years agoLink to DisOrder site, not mine
Richard Kettlewell [Fri, 7 Mar 2008 21:14:11 +0000 (21:14 +0000)]
Link to DisOrder site, not mine

12 years agotypo in README
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 6 Mar 2008 20:58:57 +0000 (20:58 +0000)]
typo in README

12 years agoMention MP3 fix in CHANGES
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 6 Mar 2008 20:51:44 +0000 (20:51 +0000)]
Mention MP3 fix in CHANGES

12 years agoArrange for some tests to block until the first rescan has completed,
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 6 Mar 2008 20:45:33 +0000 (20:45 +0000)]
Arrange for some tests to block until the first rescan has completed,
as otherwise they will fail spuriously on slower systems.

12 years agolink to google code page
Richard Kettlewell [Wed, 5 Mar 2008 20:27:04 +0000 (20:27 +0000)]
link to google code page

12 years agoremove Uploaders: as pointless if not going into Debian
Richard Kettlewell [Tue, 4 Mar 2008 22:43:59 +0000 (22:43 +0000)]
remove Uploaders: as pointless if not going into Debian

12 years agoFix a race between track startup and scratching. Basically if the
Richard Kettlewell [Mon, 3 Mar 2008 22:56:22 +0000 (22:56 +0000)]
Fix a race between track startup and scratching.  Basically if the
scratch was too soon then SM_CANCEL would arrive at the speaker before
SM_PLAY, leaving the speaker thinking this was a queue removal rather
than a scratch, and therefore not sending a response.

The fix is to respond to _all_ SM_CANCELs whatever the speaker thinks
they are, and disorderd to always check the ID against the playing
track.  The responses are distinguished, but the server no longer uses
this information.

12 years agoEscape dashes that really do need to be minus signs. As previously
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 24 Feb 2008 19:20:08 +0000 (19:20 +0000)]
Escape dashes that really do need to be minus signs.  As previously
this follows advice from Colin.

12 years agoPut a newline after end-of-sentence "." in man pages. I'm advised
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 24 Feb 2008 18:59:03 +0000 (18:59 +0000)]
Put a newline after end-of-sentence "." in man pages.  I'm advised
that groff handles this specially.

12 years agoStart on 'settings' window. Currently disabled as it's not very
Richard Kettlewell [Tue, 22 Jan 2008 20:36:30 +0000 (20:36 +0000)]
Start on 'settings' window.  Currently disabled as it's not very
useful yet.

12 years agoA bit more doxygenization.
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 20 Jan 2008 15:54:47 +0000 (15:54 +0000)]
A bit more doxygenization.

12 years agoAdd a 'deselect all tracks' option to Disobedience, using the same
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 20 Jan 2008 12:43:32 +0000 (12:43 +0000)]
Add a 'deselect all tracks' option to Disobedience, using the same
shift+ctrl+a accelerator the Gimp uses for this operation.

12 years agotypo fix
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 20 Jan 2008 12:28:21 +0000 (12:28 +0000)]
typo fix

12 years agoupdate CHANGES
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 20 Jan 2008 12:25:45 +0000 (12:25 +0000)]
update CHANGES

12 years agoDisobedience: remove the association between specific row numbers and
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 20 Jan 2008 12:22:31 +0000 (12:22 +0000)]
Disobedience: remove the association between specific row numbers and
dropzones; now dropzones are just kept in a list of sufficient size.
The association was never necessary anyway as the dropzones carried
sufficient information to be used without it, and it was
misimplemented leading to a crash if you attempted drag and drop while
no track was playing.

12 years agoUnset environment when testing Disobedience --help/--version, to
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 20 Jan 2008 12:01:22 +0000 (12:01 +0000)]
Unset environment when testing Disobedience --help/--version, to
enforce the rule that it these options work even if no X display is

12 years agoIntermediate debian version number for internal consumption.
Richard Kettlewell [Sat, 19 Jan 2008 15:14:30 +0000 (15:14 +0000)]
Intermediate debian version number for internal consumption.

12 years agoComplete README changes for scripts/setup. README.{mac,freebsd} are
Richard Kettlewell [Sat, 19 Jan 2008 12:37:10 +0000 (12:37 +0000)]
Complete README changes for scripts/setup.  README.{mac,freebsd} are
now gone.

12 years agoscripts/setup now waits until the server has started up before
Richard Kettlewell [Sat, 19 Jan 2008 12:28:31 +0000 (12:28 +0000)]
scripts/setup now waits until the server has started up before
attempting to setup-guest.

12 years agoFull Linux support for scripts/setup and scripts/teardown. This is
Richard Kettlewell [Sat, 19 Jan 2008 12:17:31 +0000 (12:17 +0000)]
Full Linux support for scripts/setup and scripts/teardown.  This is
only tested on Debian but has a bit of knowledge of Centos too, so
might well work there (or on its commercial variant).

12 years agoReport an error if we cannot open the user database.
Richard Kettlewell [Sat, 19 Jan 2008 12:08:12 +0000 (12:08 +0000)]
Report an error if we cannot open the user database.
The likely case here is that the server has not been
started yet and we are still trying to run the client
for some reason.

12 years agoRemove procname= from disorder.rc; it turns out to do more harm than good.
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 17 Jan 2008 18:29:01 +0000 (18:29 +0000)]
Remove procname= from disorder.rc; it turns out to do more harm than good.

12 years agotypo fix
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 17 Jan 2008 18:26:13 +0000 (18:26 +0000)]
typo fix

12 years agoOnly report failure to find OSS devices once, not every time we think
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 17 Jan 2008 17:31:34 +0000 (17:31 +0000)]
Only report failure to find OSS devices once, not every time we think
about them.

12 years agoFixes to eclient following Ross's attempts to use it:
Richard Kettlewell [Wed, 16 Jan 2008 22:45:30 +0000 (22:45 +0000)]
Fixes to eclient following Ross's attempts to use it:
  - _log() should call _polled() like simple() does, to kick things
    off if it's the first call
  - log callbacks now treat nulls sanely

12 years agoFinish off Mac support in scripts/setup.
Richard Kettlewell [Wed, 16 Jan 2008 20:54:27 +0000 (20:54 +0000)]
Finish off Mac support in scripts/setup.

Update README for supported platforms.  I'm not happy with this quite

12 years agoMove the plist file to examples/ along with the other startup files.
Richard Kettlewell [Tue, 15 Jan 2008 20:21:52 +0000 (20:21 +0000)]
Move the plist file to examples/ along with the other startup files.

Teach scripts/teardown about Mac.

12 years agoNew examples/disorder.rc is an /etc/rc.d script for FreeBSD. Finish
Richard Kettlewell [Tue, 15 Jan 2008 19:17:48 +0000 (19:17 +0000)]
New examples/disorder.rc is an /etc/rc.d script for FreeBSD.  Finish
FreeBSD parts of scripts/setup.

There is also scripts/teardown to undo scripts/setup, but that is
intended for debugging scripts/setup, not for production use, so we
don't advertize it anywhere.

12 years agoPartial untested FreeBSD and Linux support for scripts/setup.
Richard Kettlewell [Mon, 14 Jan 2008 23:49:08 +0000 (23:49 +0000)]
Partial untested FreeBSD and Linux support for scripts/setup.

Mac CGI setup uses a symlink to .../static rather than a directive.

12 years agoThe server should now come to life straight away and start picking
Richard Kettlewell [Mon, 14 Jan 2008 23:11:12 +0000 (23:11 +0000)]
The server should now come to life straight away and start picking
random tracks within a reasonable time period once there are some
tracks to pick.

To cope with this, tests/ now waits for something to appear in
the queue at all before checking its length.  This includes a fix to
the Python implementation of disorder().log().

12 years agoAdd missing bits to scripts/setup, and teach it to install the CGI on
Richard Kettlewell [Mon, 14 Jan 2008 20:39:22 +0000 (20:39 +0000)]
Add missing bits to scripts/setup, and teach it to install the CGI on
a Mac too.

12 years agoNew scripts/setup which interactively sets up a DisOrder configuration
Richard Kettlewell [Mon, 14 Jan 2008 20:24:31 +0000 (20:24 +0000)]
New scripts/setup which interactively sets up a DisOrder configuration
and (on the Mac) starts the server.  Should be considered experimental
for now!

12 years agoGo through CSS and rationalize it. Some cosmetic improvements too.
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 13 Jan 2008 21:24:19 +0000 (21:24 +0000)]
Go through CSS and rationalize it.  Some cosmetic improvements too.

12 years agoprepare no longer runs configure (and therefore does not impose its
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 13 Jan 2008 14:17:50 +0000 (14:17 +0000)]
prepare no longer runs configure (and therefore does not impose its
idea of sysconfdir and localestatedir).

12 years agoDisplay new logo in 'About' page in web UI. Disobedience already has its
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 13 Jan 2008 11:21:35 +0000 (11:21 +0000)]
Display new logo in 'About' page in web UI.  Disobedience already has its
own graphic, which it keeps.

12 years agoMention that FreeBSD requires gmake
Richard Kettlewell [Sat, 12 Jan 2008 13:23:02 +0000 (13:23 +0000)]
Mention that FreeBSD requires gmake

12 years agoBuild fix
Richard Kettlewell [Sat, 12 Jan 2008 13:22:31 +0000 (13:22 +0000)]
Build fix

12 years agoAccept unquoted cookie paths, even though they are formally illegal. [Sat, 12 Jan 2008 12:40:17 +0000 (12:40 +0000)]
Accept unquoted cookie paths, even though they are formally illegal.
This makes Netsurf work, and also means that we're not being stricter
in what we accept than what we send!

12 years agoRemove nonces from URLs, since we now use HTTP Cache-Control headers [Sat, 12 Jan 2008 12:38:55 +0000 (12:38 +0000)]
Remove nonces from URLs, since we now use HTTP Cache-Control headers
to keep our clients honest.

12 years agoLimit how long tests/ will wait [Sat, 12 Jan 2008 11:23:05 +0000 (11:23 +0000)]
Limit how long tests/ will wait

12 years agoFix mis-decoding of MP3s. The bug was due to a misunderstanding of [Fri, 11 Jan 2008 17:44:55 +0000 (17:44 +0000)]
Fix mis-decoding of MP3s.  The bug was due to a misunderstanding of
libmad's (AFAICT undocumented) API.

12 years agoUse REQUEST_URI if available, for more consistent self-referring URLs. [Fri, 11 Jan 2008 12:08:55 +0000 (12:08 +0000)]
Use REQUEST_URI if available, for more consistent self-referring URLs.

Handle SCRIPT_NAME="", per the RFC.

12 years agoReject unwanted PATH_INFO per the RFC. [Fri, 11 Jan 2008 12:00:55 +0000 (12:00 +0000)]
Reject unwanted PATH_INFO per the RFC.

12 years agoAlways choose the cookie with the longest path. [Fri, 11 Jan 2008 11:51:04 +0000 (11:51 +0000)]
Always choose the cookie with the longest path.

12 years agoMore tests for mime.c
Richard Kettlewell [Fri, 11 Jan 2008 11:16:54 +0000 (11:16 +0000)]
More tests for mime.c

12 years agoWeb UI nonces are now base64-encoded, and have a shorter key.
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 10 Jan 2008 21:11:02 +0000 (21:11 +0000)]
Web UI nonces are now base64-encoded, and have a shorter key.

12 years agoMIME parsing test.
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 10 Jan 2008 20:40:31 +0000 (20:40 +0000)]
MIME parsing test.

12 years agoSplit up increasingly unwieldy lib/test.c into multiple files.
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 10 Jan 2008 20:14:23 +0000 (20:14 +0000)]
Split up increasingly unwieldy lib/test.c into multiple files.

12 years agotests for regsub()
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 10 Jan 2008 18:13:10 +0000 (18:13 +0000)]
tests for regsub()

12 years agoextra address and url parser testing
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 10 Jan 2008 14:53:21 +0000 (14:53 +0000)]
extra address and url parser testing

12 years agoMore careful testing of scratching, and correctly handle the case
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 10 Jan 2008 14:39:37 +0000 (14:39 +0000)]
More careful testing of scratching, and correctly handle the case
where a track is scratched before the speaker process has got to grips
with it.

12 years agoremove unused ifreq_list()
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 10 Jan 2008 14:39:06 +0000 (14:39 +0000)]
remove unused ifreq_list()

12 years agoMake tests/ more reliable.
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 10 Jan 2008 13:53:29 +0000 (13:53 +0000)]
Make tests/ more reliable.

12 years agoFix rights checking when updating a logged-in user's rights.
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 10 Jan 2008 13:50:30 +0000 (13:50 +0000)]
Fix rights checking when updating a logged-in user's rights.

12 years agoWe no longer ship detailed changelogs in the source tarball. People
Richard Kettlewell [Thu, 10 Jan 2008 10:49:59 +0000 (10:49 +0000)]
We no longer ship detailed changelogs in the source tarball.  People
who want them are better off looking at bzr, arch or cvs history.

This also removes potential build-time dependencies on bzr.

12 years agoAvoid namespace clash detected by picky compilers
Richard Kettlewell [Wed, 9 Jan 2008 16:17:01 +0000 (16:17 +0000)]
Avoid namespace clash detected by picky compilers

12 years agoremove bzr dependency
Richard Kettlewell [Wed, 9 Jan 2008 15:40:59 +0000 (15:40 +0000)]
remove bzr dependency

12 years agoWhen shutting down, kill -rescan and wait for it to finish. If -rescan outlives
Richard Kettlewell [Sun, 6 Jan 2008 21:27:38 +0000 (21:27 +0000)]
When shutting down, kill -rescan and wait for it to finish.  If -rescan outlives
-deadlock then it can deadlock with a later processes that access the database.

12 years agoNew README.developers and README.freebsd. README.client improved. [Sun, 6 Jan 2008 18:27:54 +0000 (18:27 +0000)]
New README.developers and README.freebsd.  README.client improved.
Don't put non-Linux READMEs in the Debian package!

12 years agoBring change/update docs up to date a bit [Sun, 6 Jan 2008 14:09:51 +0000 (14:09 +0000)]
Bring change/update docs up to date a bit

12 years agoFix mime_content_type() to not be so lazy; now it copes with arbitrary [Sun, 6 Jan 2008 12:39:13 +0000 (12:39 +0000)]
Fix mime_content_type() to not be so lazy; now it copes with arbitrary
parameters rather than just one that has to be the right one.  This
gets the web interface working on Opera (for Mac).

12 years agoThe Login page now includes a form to request a password reminder [Sun, 6 Jan 2008 12:14:09 +0000 (12:14 +0000)]
The Login page now includes a form to request a password reminder
email.  This implies a new server command 'reminder' to do the
sending, which in turn takes advantage of a new sendmail_subprocess()
to send the mail without wedging the server.

There is also a new configuration command reminder_interval, used to
limit the rate at which reminders can be sent to any one user.

12 years agoExplicitly specify border-collapse for tables where we care about the
Richard Kettlewell [Sat, 5 Jan 2008 19:15:32 +0000 (19:15 +0000)]
Explicitly specify border-collapse for tables where we care about the
cell spacing.  IE7 has different defaults to the UNIX browsers.

12 years agoExplicit color specification for inactive menus. Another IE fix.
Richard Kettlewell [Sat, 5 Jan 2008 19:05:59 +0000 (19:05 +0000)]
Explicit color specification for inactive menus.  Another IE fix.

12 years agoNever use the value attribute of <button> to encode anything we care
Richard Kettlewell [Sat, 5 Jan 2008 18:40:16 +0000 (18:40 +0000)]
Never use the value attribute of <button> to encode anything we care
about, in particular 'action' arguments to the CGI.  This works around
a bug in Internet Explorer.

At the time of writing, the commentary at mentions
the problem.  (Alternatively, MSDN Library -> Web Development -> HTML
and CSS -> HTML and DHTML Reference -> Objects -> button.)

12 years agoReject libdb <=4.2
Richard Kettlewell [Sat, 5 Jan 2008 18:39:56 +0000 (18:39 +0000)]
Reject libdb <=4.2

12 years agoCorrect path to CGI in README. [Sat, 5 Jan 2008 16:50:16 +0000 (16:50 +0000)]
Correct path to CGI in README.

12 years agoFix dlerror() abuse. [Sat, 5 Jan 2008 15:14:26 +0000 (15:14 +0000)]
Fix dlerror() abuse.

All tests now pass on my FreeBSD 6.2 VM.

12 years agoUse -isystem for extra system includes on FreeBSD. [Sat, 5 Jan 2008 14:07:40 +0000 (14:07 +0000)]
Use -isystem for extra system includes on FreeBSD.

12 years agoDon't list server stats in about.html; they take a while and don't that much. [Sat, 5 Jan 2008 12:48:17 +0000 (12:48 +0000)]
Don't list server stats in about.html; they take a while and don't that much.

12 years agoFurther web interface visuals: choose directories now have an icon, [Sat, 5 Jan 2008 12:46:35 +0000 (12:46 +0000)]
Further web interface visuals: choose directories now have an icon,
giving better balance against the prefs links for the files.

12 years agoMacdink the web interface. [Sat, 5 Jan 2008 12:30:51 +0000 (12:30 +0000)]
Macdink the web interface.

12 years agoBuild fixes for FreeBSD: [Fri, 4 Jan 2008 23:14:56 +0000 (23:14 +0000)]
Build fixes for FreeBSD:
  - disorder-playrtp needs an explicit -lpthread.
  - libdb is installed off even the non-default path
  - find GNU sed as the native sed is not adequate
  - adding some missing includes

The result builds but I've not run all the test yet.

12 years agoRecognize FreeBSD and adjust LDFLAGS/CPPFLAGS to cope with
Richard Kettlewell [Fri, 4 Jan 2008 21:35:53 +0000 (21:35 +0000)]
Recognize FreeBSD and adjust LDFLAGS/CPPFLAGS to cope with
compiler/ports mismatch brain damage,

Move PCRE UTF-8 test after check for pcre.h, to avoid false positives
if pcre.h isn't found.

12 years agoHover text for chooselpha links. [Fri, 4 Jan 2008 21:35:02 +0000 (21:35 +0000)]
Hover text for chooselpha links.

12 years agocgi css: tighten up spacing in status boxes etc [Fri, 4 Jan 2008 21:02:21 +0000 (21:02 +0000)]
cgi css: tighten up spacing in status boxes etc

12 years agoDon't use quoted cookies because Safari is buggy. This means changing [Tue, 1 Jan 2008 20:35:57 +0000 (20:35 +0000)]
Don't use quoted cookies because Safari is buggy.  This means changing
the separator character and base64 encoding map used to be suitable
for appearance in an unquoted HTTP token.

I suppose I should test with MSIE sometime...

12 years agoVarious visual improvements to web interface [Tue, 1 Jan 2008 18:55:51 +0000 (18:55 +0000)]
Various visual improvements to web interface

12 years agoDisobedience now supports (to some extent) 2.0 servers. Whether this [Tue, 1 Jan 2008 16:24:16 +0000 (16:24 +0000)]
Disobedience now supports (to some extent) 2.0 servers.  Whether this
is useful is unclear but it turned out to be easy to do.

12 years agodisorder-server.deb requires mktemp in its postinst
Richard Kettlewell [Tue, 1 Jan 2008 15:00:32 +0000 (15:00 +0000)]
disorder-server.deb requires mktemp in its postinst

12 years agoMore detailed errors from mixer-alsa
Richard Kettlewell [Tue, 1 Jan 2008 14:35:25 +0000 (14:35 +0000)]
More detailed errors from mixer-alsa

12 years agotypo
Richard Kettlewell [Tue, 1 Jan 2008 14:30:05 +0000 (14:30 +0000)]

12 years agodisorder authorize now creates ~USER/.disorder/passwd instead of
Richard Kettlewell [Tue, 1 Jan 2008 14:21:10 +0000 (14:21 +0000)]
disorder authorize now creates ~USER/.disorder/passwd instead of
/etc/disorder/config.USER.  This is a bit fiddlier than the old code
but reduces the number of places the user must look for their

Generated passwords are base64 rather than hex, and are slightly
longer (in terms of the underlying bytes).  They aren't human
memorable but in practice they are expected to be kept in
~/.disorder/passwd or a browser's password store.

The configuration parser now always uses pw_home rather than $HOME to
find ~/.disorder.

Mention Ubuntu in README as the debs work there too.

12 years agoUpdate some copyright dates.
Richard Kettlewell [Tue, 1 Jan 2008 13:50:01 +0000 (13:50 +0000)]
Update some copyright dates.

12 years agoNew 'new_max' configuration bounds the number of tracks that 'new'
Richard Kettlewell [Tue, 1 Jan 2008 13:47:50 +0000 (13:47 +0000)]
New 'new_max' configuration bounds the number of tracks that 'new'
will return.  Previously a new installation with many tracks would
attempt to return thousands of tracks, busting event.c's buffer limit.

Made event.c buffer connection abandonment reporting less chatty.

12 years agoSort out static content. There is a new expansion @image:NAME@ which
Richard Kettlewell [Tue, 1 Jan 2008 13:27:10 +0000 (13:27 +0000)]
Sort out static content.  There is a new expansion @image:NAME@ which
produces the URL for the static content called NAME (or NAME.png if
you don't supply an extexnsion).  The labels images.NAME can be used
to indirect role names.

url.static still has its old meaning but does not appear in
options.labels as it has a sensible default.

This is then used throughout to find images and the stylesheet.

The main options file is now the same for Debian and non-Debian.  On
Debian a deafult empty options.user file is installed.

Updated a lot of copyright dates.

12 years agoUpdates to Debian scripts:
Richard Kettlewell [Mon, 31 Dec 2007 18:24:22 +0000 (18:24 +0000)]
Updates to Debian scripts:
  - debconf for smtp_server and mail_sender
  - cgi is now .../cgi-bin/disorder rather than .../cgi-bin/disorder/disorder
  - auto setup guest login if possible
  - auto remove obsolete trust/allow after first server start
    (specifically, they are commented out so the user can put them
    back if things went awry.)

Things are still rather broken but they're getting there...

12 years agoupdate README.upgrades
Richard Kettlewell [Mon, 31 Dec 2007 17:39:24 +0000 (17:39 +0000)]
update README.upgrades

12 years agoplayer/tracklength directives for native formats are now built in
Richard Kettlewell [Mon, 31 Dec 2007 17:25:21 +0000 (17:25 +0000)]
player/tracklength directives for native formats are now built in

12 years agoupdate default config for present environment
Richard Kettlewell [Mon, 31 Dec 2007 17:15:23 +0000 (17:15 +0000)]
update default config for present environment

12 years agodisorder-rescan can now suppress the check phase, which on first
Richard Kettlewell [Mon, 31 Dec 2007 16:13:44 +0000 (16:13 +0000)]
disorder-rescan can now suppress the check phase, which on first
startup with lots of tracks is rather time consuming.

Additionally, it avoids doing most of the work inside a transaction,
by the rather brute expedient of pulling the entire track list into
memory and then iterating over that.

The server takes advantage of this by making the initial blocking
rescan not do the check phase, so it's reasonably quick, and then
issuing a second non-blocking rescan immediately.

It might be better all round to calculate track lengths on demand but
this arrangement should be better than previously.

12 years agoinit script now uses start-stop-daemon if available (i.e. on Debian
Richard Kettlewell [Mon, 31 Dec 2007 16:13:08 +0000 (16:13 +0000)]
init script now uses start-stop-daemon if available (i.e. on Debian
and Ubuntu systems).

12 years agoremove obsolete debian web config stuff
Richard Kettlewell [Mon, 31 Dec 2007 14:54:12 +0000 (14:54 +0000)]
remove obsolete debian web config stuff