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need gnu sed these days
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2007-11-18 Richard Kettlewellneed gnu sed these days
2007-10-20 Richard Kettlewelltart up README some more
2007-10-20 Richard KettlewellREADME just tells you to use disorder authorize now
2007-10-17 Richard Kettlewellauto create config.private on 1st run of server if...
2007-10-17 Richard Kettlewellautomatically create the home directory on startup
2007-10-15 Richard Kettlewellauto link libao driver
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewelldocs update
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewelldefault to --without-server on mac
2007-09-30 Richard KettlewellREADME updates especially for OS X
2007-09-30 off FLAC support
2007-09-30 current build/run/hack deps
2007-09-24 RTP branch
2007-09-04 Richard KettlewellInstall disorderd under launchd in Mac OS X.
2007-08-25 Richard Kettlewellmention raw players
2007-08-19 hint for debian users
2007-07-07 dates
2007-05-28 Richard Kettlewellreference bzr
2007-01-23 arch tags throughout
2007-01-23 from Arch revision: