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Merge disorder.macros branch.
[disorder] / server / cgi.c
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellMerge disorder.macros branch.
2008-05-18 Richard KettlewellSynchronize with
2008-05-10 Richard KettlewellStart conversion of CGI actions.
2008-05-07 Richard KettlewellRemove some obsolete code
2008-05-05 Richard KettlewellHalf way through rewriting web interface. Don't even...
2008-05-03 Richard KettlewellSynchronize with
2008-04-27 Richard KettlewellFurther rearrangement to support macro expansion.
2008-04-27 Richard KettlewellFurther separation of template parsing and expansion
2008-04-27 Richard KettlewellSeparate parsing of templates from expansion.
2008-04-27 Richard KettlewellFirst cut at macro definition. Does not expand args...
2008-04-27 Richard KettlewellAllow trailing '@' to be left out of CGI expansions...
2008-03-29 Richard KettlewellDisOrder 3.0 3.0
2008-01-06 mime_content_type() to not be so lazy; now it copes...
2008-01-01 Richard KettlewellSort out static content. There is a new expansion...
2007-12-28 url.static work as described, and adjust cgi setup...
2007-11-23 disorder.unicode branch
2007-11-23 from
2007-11-23 Richard Kettlewellsynchronize with
2007-11-22 Richard Kettlewellsync with trunk
2007-11-21 Richard Kettlewellsync up with
2007-11-21 Richard Kettlewellsync with
2007-11-19 Richard Kettlewellsync with
2007-11-19 Richard Kettlewellsync up with
2007-11-18 Richard Kettlewelltransition various bits of code to unicode.h interfaces
2007-11-18 Richard Kettlewelltable-drive UTF-8 validity checker
2007-01-23 arch tags throughout
2007-01-23 from Arch revision: