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lib/addr.c, etc.: Return plain addresses from `netaddress_resolve'.
[disorder] / lib / client-common.c
2020-06-15 Mark Woodinglib/addr.c, etc.: Return plain addresses from `netaddre...
2020-06-01 Mark Woodinglib/addr.c: Introduce our own `freeaddrinfo' function.
2016-01-16 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'mdw/gstdecode'
2015-12-31 Mark Woodingcgi/actions.c, lib/client*.[ch]: Don't use priv connect...
2013-11-17 Richard KettlewellWindows support for command line client
2013-11-17 Richard KettlewellTypos.
2013-11-17 Richard KettlewellCope with various header files being missing.
2012-12-01 Richard Kettlewellclient: use privileged socket if possible
2012-12-01 Richard Kettlewellserver: add a private socket for root
2011-08-07 Richard KettlewellMerge branch 'protogen'
2011-08-07 Richard Kettlewellprotogen: simplify handling of integers and times.
2011-08-07 Richard Kettlewellprotogen: The bulk of the eclient code generation.
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-5.0'
2011-05-28 Richard KettlewellMerge up to 5.0.2
2010-07-18 Richard KettlewellMerge memory hygeine branch
2009-11-25 Richard KettlewellMore memory hygeine
2009-11-20 Richard KettlewellUse libsamplerate in disorder-normalize, if available...
2009-11-20 Richard Kettlewellerror/fatal/info -> disorder_error/fatal/info
2009-11-20 Richard Kettlewellerror/fatal/info -> disorder_error/fatal/info
2009-10-10 Richard KettlewellMerge playlist support.
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellMerge config aliasing bug fix.
2009-03-14 Richard Kettlewellconnect uses new network address support
2009-02-17 Richard KettlewellMerge playlist branch against trunk to date.
2008-10-25 Richard KettlewellDoxygen file headers for most files
2008-10-19 Richard KettlewellSwitch to GPL v3
2008-07-02 Richard KettlewellMerge from Disobedience branch
2008-06-29 Richard KettlewellDisobedience login window now only remembers password...
2008-05-25 Richard KettlewellSource code reorganization:
2008-04-26 Richard Kettlewellstruct addrinfo varies in order between platforms,...
2007-12-22 Richard Kettlewell'cookie' response now includes the username.
2007-01-23 arch tags throughout
2007-01-23 from Arch revision: