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Fix edge cases in dropzone selection code and make it consistent
[disorder] / Doxyfile
2009-10-10 Richard KettlewellMerge playlist support.
2009-03-22 Richard KettlewellMerge from OS X GTK+ branch
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellMore doxygen tidy-up
2009-02-17 Richard KettlewellMerge playlist branch against trunk to date.
2008-10-26 Richard KettlewellDoxygen for C test infrastructure
2007-11-19 Richard Kettlewellsync up with
2007-11-19 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen fixes
2007-09-24 RTP branch
2007-09-21 Richard Kettlewellmore doxygen
2007-09-16 on doxygenization of guts