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plugins/tracklength-gstreamer.c: Rewrite to use `GstDiscoverer'.
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2017-11-29 Mark Woodingserver/gstdecode.c: Add `-s' option to omit DisOrder...
2017-11-29 Mark Woodingdoc/ Typeset option dashes...
2016-01-16 Mark WoodingMerge branch 'mdw/gstdecode'
2016-01-16 Mark WoodingAdd documentation and administrivia about `disorder...
2015-12-31 Mark Woodingscripts/sedfiles.make, doc/ Say where...
2013-11-10 Richard Kettlewellserver: implement multiple-unicast RTP
2013-11-07 Richard Kettlewelluaudio: pulseaudio support
2013-11-07 Richard Kettlewellplayrtp: --api option instead of a new option for every...
2013-10-28 Richard Kettlewelldoc: correct & move description of raw format players
2011-08-14 Richard Kettlewelldocs: rework protocol documentation a bit.
2011-08-07 Richard Kettlewellserver: docs: remove deprecated configuration and user...
2011-08-07 Richard KettlewellMerge branch 'protogen'
2011-08-07 Richard Kettlewellcgi: remove obsolete 'columns' option.
2011-08-07 Richard Kettlewelldocs: typo
2011-08-06 Richard KettlewellCorrect documentation for 'revoke'.
2011-08-06 Richard KettlewellStub + document shutdown command
2011-08-06 Richard KettlewellDocument that 'confirm' logs user in
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/branch-5.0'
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellMerge branch 'issue29'
2011-07-31 Richard Kettlewellserver: setting playing and random-play global prefs...
2011-07-31 Richard KettlewellMerge commit 'ad0c0f361be0'
2011-07-30 Richard KettlewellDocument global_pref log event.
2011-05-28 Richard KettlewellMerge up to 5.0.2
2011-03-26 Richard KettlewellTypo fix.
2011-02-13 Richard KettlewellGet permissions right on restored databases (issue...
2010-07-18 Richard KettlewellMerge memory hygeine branch
2010-06-09 Richard KettlewellDon't keep audio files open except when they are actual...
2010-06-08 Richard KettlewellAdd a config option to suppres rescan on (un)mount.
2010-06-06 Richard KettlewellMinor Lintian fixes
2010-04-17 Richard KettlewellRemove libao plugin entirely; too much pain coping...
2010-03-07 Richard KettlewellCorrect dependencies
2010-02-14 Richard KettlewellNew refresh_min option to bound below the web interface...
2010-02-06 Richard KettlewellTypo.
2010-01-17 Richard Kettlewellhtmlman now deals with getting filenames right. Also...
2009-11-27 Richard KettlewellSynchronize from trunk
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellMerge some Disobedience work
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellKill most of old Disobedience man page, copying remaini...
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellMerge Disobedience playlist support.
2009-11-26 Richard KettlewellMention playlists in Disobedience manual and CHANGES.
2009-11-22 Richard Kettlewellnote playlist-get error response
2009-11-15 Richard KettlewellMerge latest drag+drop improvements
2009-11-15 Richard KettlewellMention drag playing in disobedience manual
2009-11-14 Richard KettlewellMerge drag+drop rewrite. It's now possible to drag...
2009-11-14 Richard KettlewellAdd new 'playafter' command to protocol, eclient and...
2009-10-24 Richard KettlewellMerge playlist support.
2009-10-18 Richard KettlewellMerge from
2009-10-15 Richard KettlewellMerge from trunk
2009-10-10 Richard KettlewellMerge playlist support.
2009-04-18 Richard KettlewellDocumentation + comments re recent disorder-playrtp...
2009-04-12 Richard KettlewellInitialize
2009-04-12 Richard KettlewellNote in various places that reconfiguring the server...
2009-04-12 Richard KettlewellNote that prefsync doesn't do anything any more.
2009-04-12 Richard Kettlewell--wait-for-device is now deprecated.
2009-04-11 Richard KettlewellMerge audio timing fix branch.
2009-04-11 Richard KettlewellAbolish playrtp's "readahead" variable (and associated...
2009-04-04 Richard KettlewellMan page hyphen fixes
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellMerge config aliasing bug fix.
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellDocument -4/-6 for listen, connect etc.
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellMerge uaudio stragglers.
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellMerge from uaudio branch.
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellExpose command backend pause mode to server configurati...
2009-03-14 Richard Kettlewelltypo fix
2009-03-14 Richard KettlewellThe command backend now supports the old (suspending...
2009-03-08 Richard Kettlewell'api' configuration command now uses uaudio. The list...
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellMerge latest work from uniform audio branch. The only...
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellSupport uniform audio command backend from disorder...
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellMerge from uniform audio branch. disorder-playrtp...
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellMerge disorder-playrtp docs fix
2009-03-01 Richard KettlewellImprove disorder-playrtp docs/--help
2009-02-22 Richard KettlewellMerge Core Audio fixes
2009-02-22 Richard KettlewellSupport arbitrary Core Audio devices.
2009-02-17 Richard KettlewellMerge playlist branch against trunk to date.
2009-02-15 Richard KettlewellShip
2009-01-17 Richard KettlewellAdd a disorder-choose man page
2009-01-17 Richard KettlewellFix typo in troff rune
2008-12-28 Richard KettlewellUse a local implementation of strptime() instead of...
2008-12-23 Richard KettlewellGuess sox generation in configure script
2008-12-13 Richard KettlewellUpdate documentation
2008-12-13 Richard KettlewellAdd 'adopt' command. This adopts a randomly picked...
2008-12-07 Richard KettlewellReplace rather bizarre 'select all' in choose tab with...
2008-11-29 Richard KettlewellReduce track choice neophilia a bit
2008-10-19 Richard KettlewellRemove obsolete tkdisorder
2008-10-19 Richard KettlewellSwitch to GPL v3
2008-10-17 Richard Kettlewellmerge missing file fix
2008-08-03 Richard KettlewellPlaylist event log support for server and eclient.
2008-08-03 Richard KettlewellClient doc update
2008-08-02 Richard KettlewellNew icons for Disobedience. They are bigger and more...
2008-07-20 Richard KettlewellLoosen playlist command rights.
2008-07-13 Richard KettlewellMerge from Disobedience branch
2008-07-13 Richard Kettlewelltypo fix
2008-07-13 Richard KettlewellVariuos bits of documentation improvement. In particul...
2008-07-13 Richard KettlewellImprove server man page a bit
2008-07-13 Richard KettlewellUpdate login window docs
2008-06-15 Richard KettlewellMerge the Disobedience rewrite.
2008-06-15 Richard KettlewellMake logevent keys consistently use '_' again.
2008-06-15 Richard KettlewellSend clients a rights-changed message when their rights...
2008-06-15 Richard Kettlewelluser-* event log messages for benefit of admin users...
2008-06-14 Richard Kettlewellsearch box has moved!
2008-06-11 Richard KettlewellDocumentation update
2008-06-06 Richard KettlewellMention remote_userman bug in disobedience.1