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Rearrange crazy control.c logic. No longer are there two widgets per
[disorder] / disobedience / choose.c
2008-06-08 Richard KettlewellCatch up on a missing bit of eclient API change
2008-06-08 Richard KettlewellFurther eclient error API change.
2008-06-08 Richard Kettlewelleclient no_response calls all now have errors reported...
2008-06-07 Richard Kettlewelleclient string response calls now get errors reported...
2008-06-07 Richard KettlewellDon't stomp on choose widhet's submenu's color scheme
2008-01-20 Richard KettlewellAdd a 'deselect all tracks' option to Disobedience...
2007-11-11 Richard Kettlewelluse GtkStyles everywhere instead of explicit colors...
2007-11-11 Richard Kettlewellelapsed time profiling for redisplay_tree()
2007-11-11 Richard Kettlewellsuppress more redundant redisplay_tree() calls
2007-11-11 Richard Kettlewellsuppress more redundant redisplay_tree() calls
2007-11-11 Richard Kettlewellget search results faster (by redisplaying less often)
2007-10-28 Richard Kettlewellset explicit colors instead of using rc file
2007-10-19 Richard Kettlewelllogin details box for disobedience. a bit unfriendly...
2007-10-13 Richard Kettlewellnew buttons to navigate among search results
2007-10-03 Richard Kettlewellbuild fix
2007-10-03 Richard Kettlewellmake sure at least one search track is in view
2007-10-03 Richard Kettlewellredisplay tree when a search is cancelled
2007-10-03 Richard Kettlewellimprove new disobedience search code. --choosealpha...
2007-10-03 Richard Kettlewellrewrite disobedience search interface
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewell0-track edges cases for the last changes
2007-10-02 Richard Kettlewellright click on directories in choose tab
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewelldoxygen
2007-10-01 Richard Kettlewelltooltips for search widgets
2007-09-30 Richard Kettlewell_eclient_state is more general than _eclient_connected
2007-09-30 menu options desensitized when disconnected
2007-09-24 RTP branch
2007-09-21 Richard Kettlewelltidying and docs
2007-07-29't leak cn->container. FINALLY.
2007-07-29 horrid memory debugging stuff
2007-07-29 clear_children() more consistently
2007-07-29 verbose menu items
2007-07-07 mm care in disobedience/choose.c
2007-07-07 dates
2007-07-07 Clear out the root before refilling it.
2007-01-23 arch tags throughout
2007-01-23 from Arch revision: