@discard{ @# On/off button for pause etc @# @class should be the class: pause, random, playing @# @action should be the action to switch to the opposite state @# @state should be the current state @define {onoff} {class action state} {@actbutton{@label{playing.@class}} {@label{playing.@q{@action}verbose}} {@action} } @# Volume up/down buttons @# @dir is the direction: up or down @# @sign is the sign: + or - @define {vbutton}{dir sign} {@right{volume} { @label{volume.@dir} } {}} @# Expand to @yes for the Manage page and @no for the playing page @define {ifmanage} {yes no} {@if {@eq {@arg{action}}{manage}} {@yes} {@no}} @ifmanage{ @define {back} {} {&back=manage} @define {formback} {} {} }{} }@# @quiethead @if{@isplaying} {@playing{@part{@id}{title}}} {@label{playing.title}} @stdmenu{@ifmanage{manage}{playing}}


@# Extra control buttons for the management page @ifmanage{

@if{@paused} {@onoff{pause}{resume}{enabled}} {@onoff{pause}{pause}{disabled}} @if{@random-enabled} {@onoff{random}{randomdisable}{enabled}} {@onoff{random}{randomenable}{disabled}} @if{@enabled} {@onoff{playing}{disable}{enabled}} {@onoff{playing}{enable}{disabled}}

@label{playing.volume} @vbutton{up}{+} @label{volume.left} @label{volume.right} @right{volume}{ @submit{@label{volume.set}} } @vbutton{down}{-}

}{} @# Only display the table if there is something to put in it @if{@or{@isplaying}{@isqueue}}{ @ifmanage{ }{} @if{@isplaying}{ } @playing{ @ifmanage{ }{} } @if{@isqueue}{ } @queue{ @ifmanage{ }{} }
@label{heading.when} @label{heading.who} @label{heading.artist} @label{heading.album} @label{heading.title} @label{heading.length}         
@mwhen{playing}{@id} @mwho{playing}{@id} @martist{playing}{@track} @malbum{playing}{@track} @mtitle{playing}{@track} @length{@id} @mremove{playing}{@id}       
@mwhen{queue}{@id} @mwho{queue}{@id} @martist{queue}{@track} @malbum{queue}{@track} @mtitle{queue}{@track} @length{@id} @mremove{queue}{@id}@mmove{@id}{upall}{2147483647} @mmove{@id}{up}{1} @mmove{@id}{down}{-1} @mmove{@id}{downall}{-2147483647}
} @credits @discard{ Local variables: mode:sgml sgml-always-quote-attributes:nil sgml-indent-step:1 sgml-indent-data:t indent-tabs-mode:nil End: }@#