@stdhead{login} @stdmenu{login}


@if{@ne{@error}{}} {@# Error reporting from some earlier operation


} @if{@ne{@status}{}} {@# Some action succeeded


} @if{@eq{@user}{guest}} {@# Guest user, allow login and registration

Existing users

If you have a username, use this form to log in.


If you've forgotten your password, use this form to request an email reminder. A reminder can only be sent if you registered with your email address, and if a reminder has been sent too recently then it won't be possible to send one.


New Users

If you do not have a login enter a username, a password and your email address here. You will be sent an email containing a URL, which you must visit to activate your login before you can use it.

@label{login.username} @label{login.registerusernameextra}
@label{login.email} @label{login.registeremailextra}
@label{login.password1} @label{login.registerpassword1extra}
@label{login.password2} @label{login.registerpassword2extra}
} }{@# not the guest user, allow change of details and logout

Logged in as @user


Use this form to change your email address and/or password.

@label{login.email} @label{login.edituseremailextra}
@label{login.newpassword} @label{login.edituserpassword1extra}
@label{login.newpassword} @label{login.edituserpassword2extra}
} @credits @discard{ Local variables: mode:sgml sgml-always-quote-attributes:nil sgml-indent-step:1 sgml-indent-data:t indent-tabs-mode:nil fill-column:79 End: }@#