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460b9539 1DisOrder
4DisOrder is a multi-user software jukebox.
5 * It can play either selected tracks or pick tracks at random.
6 * It supports OGG, MP3, FLAC and WAV files, and can be configured to support
7 anything you can supply a player for (up to a point).
8 * It supports both ALSA and OSS and can also broadcast an RTP stream over a
9 LAN; a player for the latter is included.
10 * Tracks may be selected either via a hierarchical interface or by a fast
5b14453f 11 word or tag search.
12 * It has a web interface (allowing access from graphical web browsers) and a
13 GTK+ interface that runs on Linux and Mac systems.
14 * Playing tracks can be paused or cancelled ("scratched").
460b9539 15
16See CHANGES for details of recent changes to DisOrder and README.upgrades for
17upgrade instructions.
460b9539 18
19The server supports Linux and can be made to work on a Mac (see README.mac).
20The clients work on both Linux and the Mac. It could probably be ported to
21some other UNIX variants without too much effort. Things you will need:
460b9539 22
23Build dependencies:
24 Name Tested Notes
662886f6 25 libdb 4.3.29 not 4.2.x; 4.4+ might work.
1a0d3568 26 libgc 6.8
27 libvorbisfile 1.1.2
28 libpcre 6.7 need UTF-8 support
460b9539 29 libmad 0.15.1b
1a0d3568 30 libgcrypt 1.2.3
460b9539 31 libao 0.8.6
1a0d3568 32 libasound 1.0.13
33 libFLAC 1.1.2
34 GNU C 4.1.2
35 GNU Make 3.81
ddf922de 36 GNU Sed 4.1.5
1a0d3568 37 Python 2.4.4 (optional)
38 GTK+ 2.8.20 (if you want the GTK+ client)
39 GLIB 2.12.4 (if you want the GTK+ client)
460b9539 40
41"Tested" means I've built against that version; earlier or later versions will
42often work too.
44Runtime dependencies:
460b9539 45 * Web server:
46 + Apache 1.3.x works for me, but anything that supports CGI and
47 authentication should be suitable.
1a0d3568 48 * Separate player programs are no longer required (but may still be used)
460b9539 49
50Development dependencies (only developers will need these):
1a0d3568 51 Automake 1.10 AM_PATH_PYTHON not good enough in 1.7
52 Autoconf 2.61
53 Libtool 1.5.22 1.4 not good enough
39068fb4 54 Bazaar (bzr)
460b9539 55
e9194ec6 56On Debian you might ensure you have the required packages as follows:
57 apt-get install gcc libc-dev automake autoconf libtool libgtk2.0-dev \
58 libgc-dev libgcrypt-dev libpcre3-dev libvorbis-dev \
1a0d3568 59 libao-dev libmad0-dev libasound2-dev libdb4.3-dev \
60 libflac-dev
e9194ec6 61
460b9539 62Mailing lists:
64 - discussion of DisOrder (and other software), bug reports, etc
66 - announcements of new versions of DisOrder
72 "This place'd be a paradise tomorrow, if every department had a supervisor
73 with a machine-gun"
5b14453f 75IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from an earlier version, see README.upgrades.
460b9539 76
77On a Debian or Ubuntu system, if you install from .deb files then you should be
78able to skip steps 1 to 6 and configure it via debconf. This is strongly
5f5fc693 80
460b9539 811. Build the software. Do something like this:
83 ./configure --sysconfdir=/etc --localstatedir=/var
84 make
86 See INSTALL for more details about driving configure. The precise set of
87 options you pass to configure is up to you, if you like configuration being
88 in /usr/local/etc or wherever then that should work.
90 If you only want to build a subset of DisOrder, specify one or more of the
91 following options:
92 --without-server Don't build server or web interface
93 --without-gtk Don't build GTK+ client (Disobedience)
94 --without-python Don't build Python support
96 See README.client for setting up a standalone client (or read the
97 disobedience man page).
460b9539 992. Install it. Most of the installation is done via the install target:
101 make installdirs install
103 The CGI interface has to be installed separately; see under 'Web Interface'
104 below.
460b9539 105
460b9539 1063. Create a 'jukebox' user and group, with the jukebox group being the default
107 group of the jukebox user. The server will run as this user and group.
108 Check that this user can read your music files and write to the audio
109 device, e.g. by playing a track. The exact name doesn't matter, it could be
110 'jukebox' or 'disorder' or 'fred' or whatever.
112 Do not use a general-purpose user or group, you must create ones
113 specifically for DisOrder.
1154. Create /etc/disorder/config. Start from examples/config.sample and adapt it
be2d9f37 116 to your own requirements. The things you MUST do are:
460b9539 117 * edit the 'collection' command to identify the location(s) of your own
118 digital audio files. These commands also specify the encoding of
119 filenames, which you should be sure to get right as recovery from an
120 error here can be painful (see BUGS).
be2d9f37 121 Optionally you may also want to do the following:
122 * add 'player' and 'tracklength' commands for any file formats not
123 supported natively
460b9539 124 * edit the 'scratch' commands to supply scratch sounds (or delete them if
125 you don't want any).
126 * add extra 'stopword' entries as necessary (these words won't take part in
127 track name searches from the web interface).
460b9539 128
129 See disorder_config(5) for more details.
131 See README.streams for how to set up network play.
133 If adding new 'player' commands, see README.raw for details on setting up
134 "raw format" players. Non-raw players are still supported but not in all
662886f6 135 configurations and they cannot support pausing and gapless play. If you
136 want additional formats to be supported natively please point the author at
137 a GPL-compatible library that can decode them.
6e2c9f5f 138
36be7e6a 1395. Make sure the server is started at boot time.
141 On many Linux systems, examples/disorder.init should be more or less
142 suitable; install it in /etc/init.d, adapting it as necessary, and make
143 appropriate links from /etc/rc[0-6].d.
36be7e6a 1456. Start the server.
147 On Linux systems with sysv-style init:
460b9539 148
149 /etc/init.d/disorder start
151 By default disorderd logs to daemon.*; check your syslog.conf to see where
152 this ends up and look for log messages from disorderd there. If it didn't
153 start up correctly there should be an error message. Correct the problem
154 and try again.
1567. After a short while it should start to play something. Try scratching it
157 (as root):
460b9539 158
159 disorder scratch
161 The track should stop playing, and (if you set any up) a scratch sound play.
1638. Add any other users you want. These easiest way to do this is (still as
164 root):
460b9539 165
8ae47ac8 166 disorder authorize USERNAME
460b9539 167
f0feb22e 168 This will automatically choose a random password and create
5b14453f 169 ~USERNAME/.disorder/passwd.
460b9539 170
171 Those users should now be able to access the server from the same host as it
172 runs on, either via the disorder command or Disobedience. To run
173 Disobedience from some other host, File->Login allows hostnames, passwords
174 etc to be configured.
1769. Optionally source completion.bash from /etc/profile or similar, for
177 example:
460b9539 178
36be7e6a 179 . /usr/local/share/disorder/completion.bash
460b9539 180
36be7e6a 181 This provides completion over disorder command and option names.
460b9539 182
184Web Interface
187 "Thought I was a gonner baby, but I'm bullet proof"
a767291c 189As above, if you install from a .deb, much of the work will be done
460b9539 191
192You need to configure a number of things to make this work:
662886f6 1941. If you want online registration to work then set mail_sender in
e70701e7 195 /etc/disorder/config to the email address that communications from the web
563071c2 196 interface will appear to be sent. If this is not a valid, deliverable email
662886f6 197 address then the results are not likely to be reliable.
e70701e7 198
199 mail_sender
201 By default the web interface sends mail by connecting to the SMTP port of
202 You can override this with the smtp_server directive, for
203 exampler:
205 smtp_server
2072. The web interface depends on a 'guest' user existing. You can create this
5e34540b 208 with the following command:
210 disorder setup-guest
212 If you don't want to allow online registration instead use:
a767291c 214 disorder setup-guest --no-online-registration
5e34540b 215
a767291c 2163. Make sure that DisOrder can find its icons and stylesheet. For example in
217 your web server configuration:
460b9539 218
5e34540b 219 Alias /disorder/ /usr/local/share/disorder/static/
460b9539 220
5e34540b 221 Alternatively you could use a symlink from the right location in your
222 document root, provided your web server is configured to follow them.
a767291c 224 cd /var/www
225 ln -s /usr/local/share/disorder/static disorder
460b9539 226
e70701e7 2274. Install disorder.cgi in an appropriate location. Remember to make it
a767291c 228 executable. Example:
5e34540b 229
758ec28f 230 install -m 755 server/disorder.cgi /usr/lib/cgi-bin/disorder
5e34540b 231
e70701e7 2325. Try it out. You should be able to perform read-only operations straight
d84bf422 233 away, and after visiting the 'Login' page to authenticate, perform other
234 operations like adding a track to the queue.
460b9539 235
e70701e7 2366. If you run into problems, always look at the appropriate error log; the
5e34540b 237 message you see in your web browser will usually not be sufficient to
238 diagnose the problem all by itself.
460b9539 239
e70701e7 2407. If you have a huge number of top level directories, then you might find
5e34540b 241 that the 'Choose' page is unreasonably large. If so add the following line
242 to /etc/disorder/options.user:
243 label sidebar.choosewhich choosealpha
245 This will make 'Choose' be a link for each letter of the 26-letter Roman
246 alphabet; follow the link and you just get the directories which start with
247 that letter. The "*" link at the end gives you directories which don't
248 start with a letter.
250 You can copy choosealpha.html to /etc/disorder and edit it to change the
251 set of initial choices to anything that can be expressed with regexps. The
252 regexps must be URL-encoded UTF-8 PCRE regexps.
460b9539 253
a767291c 254If you want to give DisOrder its own virtual host, see README.vhost.
460b9539 255
259 "Nothing but another drug, a licence that you buy and sell"
261DisOrder - select and play digital audio files
8f9616f1 262Copyright (C) 2003-2008 Richard Kettlewell
263Portions copyright (C) 2007 Ross Younger
264Portions copyright (C) 2007 Mark Wooding
460b9539 265Portions extracted from MPG321,
266 Copyright (C) 2001 Joe Drew
267 Copyright (C) 2000-2001 Robert Leslie
268Binaries may derive extra copyright owners through linkage (binary distributors
269are expected to do their own legwork)
271This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
272the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
273Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later
276This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
277WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A
278PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
280You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with
281this program; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple
282Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307 USA
284Local Variables: