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2017-09-16 Mark Wooding*.html: Hoist CSS above scripts.
2017-07-11 Mark WoodingUse HTTPS URLs where possible.
2017-07-11 Mark Woodingrolling-eqn.html: Use local MathJax installation.
2014-06-27 Mark Woodingdep.js: Conceal try/catch and try/finally behind functions.
2014-06-27 Mark Woodingdep.js, dep-ui.js: Remove `with (MOD) { ... }' wrappers...
2013-04-13 Mark Woodingrolling.html, rolling-eqn.html: Hack for mobile browsers.
2013-04-13 Mark Woodingdep-ui.js: Add the CAPTUREP argument to `addEventListen...
2013-04-13 Mark Woodingdep-ui.js: Add some debugging machinery.
2013-02-02 Mark Woodingrolling.html, rolling-eqn.html: Describe the calculation.
2013-01-28 Mark Woodingrolling.html: Add credits.
2013-01-19 Mark Woodingrolling.html: Fix apostrophe, for consistency's sake.
2013-01-19 Mark Woodingrolling.html: Add GPL note, with links to the Git repos...
2013-01-19 Mark Woodingrolling.html: Add information about units.
2013-01-19 Mark WoodingInitial version.