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2001-02-19 mdwMinor big fixes to parser.
2001-02-16 mdwUse a BufferedReader, not a LineNumberReader.
2001-02-16 mdwBe more helpful. Improve full help message. Special...
2001-02-07 mdwAdd a settings panel (currently only allows the wordlis...
2001-02-07 mdwInstall Java files in the right place.
2001-02-07 mdwFix spurious error when `-file' is used.
2001-02-07 mdwOptimize the graph by removing edges to non-matching...
2001-02-06 mdwFind a suitable Java compiler. If there isn't one...
2001-02-06 mdwRemove redundant rule.
2001-02-06 mdwClean the .jar file.
2001-02-04 mdwSimple GUI front-end in Java.
2001-02-04 mdwRemove debugging.
2001-02-04 mdwInitial checkin