Notes From The SENA Meeting of 11 July 2011


Cynthia Barnes and Kevin Noble were welcomed to this second meeting of SENA.

Other Earlsdon Neighbours Associations – their issues and organisation

Cynthia outlined the development of Rochester Road Association, initially founded in 1990 in response to the proposed development of the light railway.

Cynthia drew our attention to some of the risks of a well-established group – sustaining momentum, recruiting new members and, in RARA’s case, a small number of people doing most of the work.

Kevin outlined some of the key features of North Earlsdon Residents Association which was formed eighteen months ago.

Kevin offered to help SENA in its initial setting up process – an offer gratefully accepted.

SENA – setting the agenda

Following these two very helpful presentations there was a general discussion on what the implications might be for SENA. We don’t have a definable centre or social area – a village green or a park - nor do we have a unifying issue. However, we have had a good response to the first mailshot (better than the initial response from NENA residents for example) and an encouraging number of residents seeking active involvement.

From the responses to the first mailshot and the first meeting it was clear that there were positive things that residents wanted:

We agreed we need an executive/management group and street representatives (preferably two) for every street. Initial volunteers for street representatives are

Styvechale Ave
Moya and Deryck Horton, Sally Vernon
Warwick Avenue
Mary and Nigel Lee
Berkeley Road South
Simon Shaw
Osborne Road
Ray Wilson
Beechwood Avenue
Judith Hyman

Other streets do not as yet have a rep.


Early communication structures have been put in place. Simon has constructed a Facebook page, and Matthew has set up a SENA website.

Next Steps

It was agreed that we now needed a second maildrop to ask residents to:

  1. Opt in to membership
  2. Evaluate the issues already suggested following the first mailing and the first two meetings
  3. Contribute to a skills bank

A working group of Deryck, Simon, Ray, Matthew and Sally, Mike and Helen agreed to meet on Monday 18th July to shape the newsletter.

SENA webmaster
Coventry, England