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2011-08-17 Matthew Vernonre-enable blame command
2011-08-03 Matthew Vernonnew flirt from rjk
2011-08-02 Matthew Vernonadd blame command
2011-08-01 Matthew Vernoncurrency command, written by Owen Dunn
2011-04-20 Matthew Vernonremove the losing-the-game code
2011-04-19 Matthew Vernonmake karma channel-specific, to avoid over-writing it
2011-04-13 Matthew VernonAdd nsfw and nws commands
2011-03-02 Matthew VernonAdd twit command (patch from naath)
2011-03-01 Matthew Vernonalso document the nick-changing
2011-03-01 Matthew Vernondocument the ability to run a test version
2011-02-17 Matthew Vernonchanges to migrate from rapun to chiark
2010-10-21 Matthew Vernonnew trout from Art
2010-06-17 Matthew Vernondon't double-notice urls when ~url used in-channel
2010-06-07 Matthew Vernonactivate url-tracking code
2010-06-04 Matthew Vernoncomment out the url-tracking again for now
2010-06-04 Matthew Vernondeclare some globals
2010-06-04 Matthew Vernonuncomment url-tracking
2010-06-04 Matthew Vernonrevised url-tracking now ready to go (still commented...
2010-06-04 Matthew Vernonmove url stuff to
2010-05-26 Matthew Vernondisable url-tracking features
2010-05-25 Matthew Vernonremove debugging prints, and correct handling of http...
2010-05-25 Matthew VernonMerge branch 'master' of /home/matthew/programming...
2010-05-25 Matthew Vernonneed to import re too
2010-05-25 Matthew Vernonurl-handling patch from Tom Womack
2009-08-07 Matthew Vernoncorrect syntax in define command
2009-08-06 Matthew Vernonadd the help command back to #chiarks servus instance...
2009-08-05 Ian JacksonFound in /home/matthew/programming/irc/bot - live versi...