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2018-11-13 Matthew VernonAdd LICENSE (AGPLv3)
2018-11-12 Matthew Vernoncurrent state-of-play notes v0.1
2018-11-12 Matthew VernonAdd looping support
2018-10-24 Matthew Vernonre-order setup actions
2018-10-24 Matthew VernonBugfix: handle events with no gcal_id link cli
2018-10-24 Matthew VernonBasic CLI
2018-10-24 Matthew VernonWhen matching, add google events where we have unmatche...
2018-10-23 Matthew Vernonhandle empty subjects when matching
2018-10-23 Matthew Vernonadd option to ignore existing gcal_id links
2018-10-23 Matthew Vernoncheck event isn't already cancelled before deleting
2018-10-23 Matthew VernonHandle the remaining recurrence types
2018-10-23 Matthew VernonHandle updates to recurring events
2018-10-19 Matthew VernonUpdate changekey of master event after adjusting instances
2018-10-19 Matthew VernonRemove warning about not supporting modified/deleted...
2018-10-19 Matthew VernonDon't store instances of recurring events in the cache
2018-10-19 Matthew VernonHandle modified / deleted recurrences
2018-10-19 Matthew Vernonhandle weekly recurrence pattern
2018-10-19 Matthew Vernononly register gcal_link if necessary
2018-10-19 Matthew Vernonmore verbose logging of recurrence
2018-10-19 Matthew Vernonadd utility function to pop an event from the cache
2018-10-17 Matthew VernonStart on recurring event support
2018-10-17 Matthew VernonMake start and end times be rendered in target timezone
2018-10-10 Matthew Vernonrestrict fields passed to
2018-10-10 Matthew Vernoncheck for empty body
2018-10-08 Matthew VernonRemove some no-longer needed lines
2018-10-06 Matthew VernonAdd code to propagate changes, and match events
2018-10-05 Matthew Vernonpass gcal_tz where needed
2018-10-05 Matthew VernonSplit out building gcal event structure (no functional...
2018-10-05 Matthew Vernoncorrect warning text
2018-10-05 Matthew VernonCache the auto-discovery values from Exchange
2018-10-05 Matthew VernonAlso support single non-all-day events
2018-10-05 Matthew Vernonstore gcal_link in cache immediately (rather than waiti...
2018-10-05 Matthew Vernonfix syntax of extendedProperties setting
2018-10-05 Matthew VernonRemove old commented-out deletion code
2018-10-05 Matthew Vernondelete linked events
2018-10-05 Matthew VernonSwitch to using a named tuple for the cache
2018-10-05 Matthew VernonRemove old part-written broken function
2018-10-05 Matthew VernonRemove GlobalObjectId code
2018-10-05 Matthew VernonMove to keying by item_id
2018-10-05 Matthew VernonRemove commented-out account line
2018-10-05 Matthew Vernontidy up the exchange extended property
2018-10-05 Matthew VernonInitial commit
2018-10-05 Matthew Vernongit ignore file