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Entry created: Mon Jan 13 17:32:00 2014 GMT
Last update/confirm: Fri Dec 23 09:53:45 2016 GMT

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Range Name Contact Email * CUDN private use UCS Networks (pp Matthew Vernon) hidden Empire House Matthew Vernon Empire House Wireless Matthew Vernon Xen Project test colo internal networks Ian Jackson hidden Docker default container network Richard Kettlewell hidden Dartmouth Arms tills Stephen Early Richard Kettlewell Gallery wired subnet Ben Harris Relativity Ian Jackson Relativity wifi Ian Jackson Resonance cage Ian Jackson Relativity hippotat Ian Jackson rrw house net Richard Watts Ian Jackson Ovation DPTS VPN Jonathan Amery hidden Jan M. Dziewulski hidden Ross Younger hidden Colin Watson NAT64 pool Colin Watson ADSL router isolation Colin Watson impropriety private tunnelling Ross Younger hidden (Salford) Thomas Thurman hidden Test allocation Richard Kettlewell hidden Liyang HU hidden meanMachine N/w Jose Mathew Manimala hidden Chesham Arms Stephen Early Collabora HQ Simon McVittie hidden James Hawtin hidden grmbl.intern Bram Dumolin hidden House of Atreus (wired) James Aylett hidden Saffron Mobile WLAN Jonathan Amery Pod Harbour smcv hidden

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