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2014-10-05 Ian JacksonUse memcpy helpers and FILLZERO
2014-10-05 Ian JacksonProvide various wrappers for memcpy (COPY_OBJ, BUF_...)
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksonsite: Permit transport-peers-max to be equal to MAX_PEE...
2014-10-05 Ian Use -MMD, not
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksonautoconf: Provide an
2014-10-02 Ian Jacksontest-example: Provide a fuzzer for the slip decoder
2014-10-02 Ian Jacksonslip: Do not malloc the userv activation context etc.
2014-10-02 Ian Jacksonfds: Introduce pipe_cloexec()
2014-10-02 Ian Jacksonfds: Simplify fd close condition in tun_set_route
2014-10-02 Ian Jacksonfds: Provide cloexec() and use it in udp.c and tun.c
2014-09-22 Ian Jacksonchangelog, finalise 0.3.4 v0.3.4
2014-09-22 Simon TathamSECURITY: fixed fix to buffer handling
2014-09-19 Ian Jacksonchangelog, finalise 0.3.3 v0.3.3
2014-09-19 Ian Jacksonbuffers: Rename buffer_if.len to buffer_if.alloclen.
2014-09-19 Ian Jacksonbuffers: Introduce buf_remaining_space
2014-09-19 Ian Jacksonipaddr_to_string: SECURITY: Do not allocate
2014-09-19 Ian Jacksonudp: SECURITY: Pass correct size argument to recvfrom
2014-09-18 Ian Jacksonchangelog, finalise 0.3.3~beta1 debian/0.3.3_beta1
2014-09-14 Ian Jacksonsite: transport peers: Use source of NAK packets as...
2014-09-14 Ian Jacksonsite: transport peers: MSG1: use transport_compute_setu...
2014-09-14 Ian Jacksonsite: transport_peers: Rename incoming_packet_addr
2014-09-14 Ian Jacksonsite: transport peers: Break out transport_resolve_comp...
2014-09-14 Ian Jacksontest-example: Provide clean target in Makefile
2014-09-14 Ian Jacksonmake-secnet-sites: Put our path component at the beginning
2014-06-26 Ian Jacksonchangelog, finalise 0.3.2 v0.3.2
2014-06-06 Ian Jacksonchangelog, finalise 0.3.2~beta1 debian/0.3.2_beta1
2014-06-02 Ian Jacksonsite: Force use of configured name only if we are mobile
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document additional name resolution
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Do name resolution on peer-initiated key setup too
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Log when resolution completes
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Make local_mobile be a site state variable
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Explicitly track name resolution status
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Fix bugs when resolver request submission fails
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Document some reentrancy hazards in comments
2014-05-18 Ian JacksonWhen printing version (eg during startup), use value...
2014-05-18 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document logging and security fix
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsite logging: Log peer addresses on timeout
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksoncomm: Introduce comm_addr_to_string
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsite logging: Break out logtimeout
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsite logging: introduce vslog
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsite logging: Use [v]slilog_part in slog
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsite logging: Break out event_log_priority
2014-05-15 Ian introduce -Wunused-function
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonlog: Introduce slilog_part; abolish log_if->logfn
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsite: SECURITY: Properly update full peer address array
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsecnet.h: Change bool_t to a C99 _Bool
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksondebian/changelog: Start new version 0.3.2~~
2014-05-15 Ian Improve push rune in release checklist
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonchangelog, finalise 0.3.1 v0.3.1
2014-05-08 Ian Jacksonchangelog, finalise 0.3.1~beta3 debian/0.3.1_beta3
2014-05-07 Ian pass -Wno-unused-parameter explicitly
2014-05-07 Ian Jacksonnetlink: fix const-correctness of ip_fast_csum fallback
2014-05-03 Ian Jacksonchangelog, finalise 0.3.1~beta2 debian/0.3.1_beta2
2014-05-03 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Generate ICMP correctly if point-to-point
2014-05-03 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Move local_address into struct netlink
2014-05-03 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Plumb "sender" through to ICMP generation
2014-05-03 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Break out sender_name
2014-05-03 Ian Jacksonnetlink: rename "client" to "sender" in many places
2014-05-01 Ian Jacksonchangelog, finalise 0.3.1~beta1 debian/0.3.1_beta1
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonsite: Negotiate (configurable) MTU
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonsite: Remove clone-and-hack of signature verification
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Advise netlink clients of the local link MTU
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: fix IP length check (SECURITY)
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Only complain about initial frags for us
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonfragmentation: Fragment packets as required
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonutil.h: Provide MIN and MAX macros
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Provide MDEBUG macro
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Break out netlink_host_deliver
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Abolish client param to netlink_icmp_simple
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonfragmentation: Rename "frag_off" field to "frag"
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Make ip_csum and ip_fast_csum const-correct
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Be more conservative about ICMP errors
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Set "unused" in ICMP header (SECURITY)
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonfragmentation: Fix fragmentation field check
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonslip: Drop packets >mtu (SECURITY)
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksontest-example: USE mtu of 1400 not 500 (!)
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksontest-example: Provide test which uses unshare(8)
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Remove a newline from p-t-p startup message
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Avoid crash with clientless netlink
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Break out netlink_client_deliver
2013-09-01 Ian JacksonFix formatting error in secnet.8 manpage.
2013-09-01 Ian Jacksonmore release checklist changes
2013-09-01 Ian JacksonUpdates to release checklist in
2013-09-01 Ian JacksonRelease of 0.3.0. No code changes since 0.3.0~beta3. v0.3.0
2013-08-05 Ian Jacksonchangelog, Makefile: finalise 0.3.0~beta3 debian/0.3.0_beta3
2013-08-05 Ian Jacksonchangelog: 0.3.0~beta3~~iwj1
2013-08-05 Ian Jacksonsite: Initialise st->scratch with SETUP_BUFFER_LEN...
2013-08-01 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Mention netlink short packet discard. debian/0.3.0_beta2
2013-08-01 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Safely discard short packets
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Describe 0.3.0~beta2
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: New PROD message
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonslip: Buffer management (max_start_pad) fixes
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonudp.c: call buffer_init
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonmax_start_pad: calculate globally, not via client graph
2013-07-25 Ian JacksonUse FORMAT everywhere, and fix up the errors it finds
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: support multiple transforms
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite, transform: per-transform-instance max_start_pad
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite, netlink: abolish max_end_pad and min_end_pad
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: dynamically create and destroy transform instances
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: Check transform errors; factor out transform...