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12 days ago Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 0.4.5~ master
12 days ago Ian Jacksonfinalise 0.4.4 v0.4.4
12 days ago Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document protocol incompatibility
12 days ago Ian Jacksonchangelog: Document changes
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: in "entering state RUN", say whether key is set up
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Randomise key setup retry time
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonrandom: Admit that we will never add error checking...
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Replace wait_timeout variable with function
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonpolypath asymmetric routing: Handle MSG2-4 late dupes
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonpolypath asymmetric routing: Handle MSG1 late dupes
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonpolypath asymmetric routing: Handle data packet dupes
2019-05-18 Ian JacksonIntroduce transform_apply_seqdupe
2019-05-18 Ian JacksonIntroduce transform_apply_return_badseq
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Change return value of decrypt_msg0
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Make return value of transforms be an enum
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonpolypath asymmetric routing: Priority to mobile sites
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Break out we_have_priority
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Rename setup_priority to our_name_later
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Log about crossed MSG1 with a higher priority
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: Log about crossed MSG1 ignored only once
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonsite: transport peers update: avoid nearly-trivial...
2019-05-18 Ian Jacksonconfigure: rerun with autoconf 2.69-10
2019-05-18 Ian JacksonNOTES: tiny fix
2019-05-18 Mark Woodingsite.c: Cope with failure of transform `setkey' method.
2019-05-18 Mark WoodingREADME: Note that I've hacked on the code.
2019-05-18 Mark Woodingsite.c: Don't overwrite `st->sharedsecret' if it's...
2019-05-18 Mark Woodingsite.c: Make sure there's enough buffer space for the...
2019-05-18 Mark Woodingrsa.c transform-cbcmac.c: Fix configuration error messages.
2019-05-18 Mark WoodingNOTES: Describe the current allocation of capability...
2019-05-18 Mark Woodingmake-secnet-sites: Don't allow setting new VPN-level...
2019-05-18 Mark Woodingmake-secnet-sites: Remove duplicate `address' entry...
2019-05-18 Mark Woodingsecnet.8: Fix wrong information.
2019-05-18 Mark WoodingREADME.make-secnet-sites: Provide some documentation...
2019-05-18 Mark Wooding.dir-locals.el: Settings for Python code.
2019-05-18 Mark Woodingutil.c: Don't byte-swap IPv4 addresses, even if we...
2017-11-25 Ian JacksonAdministrivia: Fix erroneous GPL3+ licence notices...
2017-11-25 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 0.4.4~
2017-11-25 Ian Jacksonfinalise 0.4.3 v0.4.3
2017-11-25 Ian Jacksonchangelog, burn version numbers 0.4.1...
2017-11-25 Ian Jacksonchangelog: Retrospectively some items missing from... v0.4.2
2017-11-25 Ian Jacksonbuild: Release checklist fixes.
2017-11-25 Ian Jacksonbuild: #include <limits.h>
2017-11-25 Ian Jacksonbuild: Tolerate building from a git checkout, but with...
2017-11-25 Ian Jacksonchangelog: start 0.4.2~
2017-11-25 Ian Jacksonfinalise 0.4.1 v0.4.1
2017-04-25 Ian JacksonMerge remote-tracking branch 'mdw/mdw/powm-sec'
2017-04-23 Ian JacksonWhen turning on debug, turn on verbose too.
2017-04-23 Ian JacksonWhen printing messages about dropping IPv6, do not...
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonfixup! polypath: Introduce comm-info/dedicated
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonfixup! polypath: Plumb ifname_wanted
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonfixup! polypath: change return type of ifname_wanted
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonchangelog: mention hippotat
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonpolypath: Introduce comm-info/dedicated-interface-addr
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonpolypath: Break out polypath_sendmsg_interf
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonpolypath: Plumb ifname_wanted `want' through privsep...
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonpolypath: change return type of ifname_wanted, to char
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksoncomm clientinfo: site: Pass comm-info to comm
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksoncomm clientinfo: Provide clientinfo interface
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonsite: Introduce comm_addr_sendmsg
2017-04-23 Ian Jacksonconffile: Provide dict_read_dict
2016-09-28 Mark Woodingdh.c, rsa.c: use `mpz_powm_sec' for modexps.
2016-09-28 Mark Fix `check-ipaddrset' rule to get referenc...
2016-04-19 Ian turn of -Wsign-compare for bison output
2015-09-12 Ian JacksonKeepalive option: Start trying to rekey as soon as...
2015-09-12 Ian JacksonImplement `keepalive' site option, to try to keep link...
2015-02-28 Ian JacksonFinalise 0.4.0 v0.4.0
2015-02-28 Ian JacksonReport when transport peers updated as a result of...
2015-02-28 Ian Jacksonsite: Packet-level debugging notes errors from transmit.
2015-01-31 Ian JacksonRelease process notes from 0.4.0~beta2
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonFinalise changelog for 0.4.0~beta2 v0.4.0_beta2
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonFinalise changelog for beta2~ test build
2014-12-28 Ian Putative dual (backport and not) release...
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonSort out changelog
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonBuild system: Use -lnsl only if inet_ntoa is not found...
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonBuild system: Break out SECNET_C_GETFUNC macro
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonBuild system: Use -lresolv only if inet_aton is not...
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonBuild system: debian/rules: Do not run build for *...
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonBuild system: debian/rules: Provide build-arch and...
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonBuild system: debian/rules: Support dpkg-buildflags.
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonCopyright updates - update to GPLv3, etc.
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonBuild system: Fix check for <linux/if_tun.h> and remove...
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonBuild system: Install and secnet.8 with...
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonBuild system: debian/rules: set DESTDIR (not prefix).
2014-12-28 Ian JacksonBuild system: Makefile: support DESTDIR.
2014-12-27 Ian JacksonChangelog update.
2014-11-02 Ian Jacksonpolypath: "address to remove not found" not an error
2014-11-02 Ian Jacksonpolypath: Make message class an argument to bad() callbacks
2014-10-27 Ian JacksonPortability fix: Build where sizeof is not compatible...
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonpolypath-interface-monitor-linux: Skip "tentative"...
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonpolypath-interface-monitor-linux: Debugging output
2014-10-26 Ian Jacksonpolypath: Ignore IPv6 Unique Local unicast addresses.
2014-10-26 Ian JacksonFinalise 0.4.0~beta1
2014-10-25 Ian Jacksonudp: Print more info in our comm_addr representations
2014-10-25 Ian Jacksonsite: When reporting resolution complete, print only...
2014-10-25 Ian JacksonStatic buffers: Provide new rotating static buffer...
2014-10-25 Ian JacksonStatic buffers: Replace references to bufs[b]
2014-10-25 Ian JacksonStatic buffers: ipaddr_getbuf: Rename some variables
2014-10-25 Ian Jacksonudp: Insist on only one successful default socket setup
2014-10-25 Ian Jacksonudp: Provide st->addr_configured
2014-10-25 Ian Jacksonudp, polypath: Log destination address in `some success...