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logging: Provide lg_perror and lg_vperror
[secnet.git] / udp.c
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonpoll: Abolish max_nfds
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonpoll: Introduce and use BEFOREPOLL_WANT_FDS
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonudp: Use <bsd/sys/queue.h> for notify lists
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksonudp: Support IPv6 when using authbind
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksonudp: Support IPv6 (mostly)
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksonudp.c: Remove some (ab)use of variable name `i'
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksonudp: Break out udp_make_socket
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksoncomm etc.: Provide comm_addr_equal
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksonipv6: introduce union iaddr
2014-10-02 Ian Jacksonfds: Provide cloexec() and use it in udp.c and tun.c
2014-09-19 Ian Jacksonbuffers: Introduce buf_remaining_space
2014-09-19 Ian Jacksonudp: SECURITY: Pass correct size argument to recvfrom
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: New PROD message
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonudp.c: call buffer_init
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonmax_start_pad: calculate globally, not via client graph
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite, netlink: abolish max_end_pad and min_end_pad
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonudp, util: Break out send_nak function
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonudp.c: Do not send NAKs in response to NAKs
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonmagic: Introduce LABEL_NAK
2011-12-11 Ian Jacksonauthbind: get endianness right (again)
2011-08-17 Ian Jacksoncomm, udp: Provide an addr_to_string method
2011-08-17 Ian Jacksoncomm, site: pass a new "struct comm_addr" rather than...
2011-08-17 Ian Jacksoncleanup: provide helpful FILLZERO macro (for certain...
2011-06-26 Richard Kettlewellcleanup: Remove pointless double assignment
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksonportability: use socklen_t for argument to recvfrom
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksonevent loop: remove now and tv_now from before/afterpoll API
2011-06-19 Ian Jacksoncleanup: remove redundant "init_module" declarations
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.16 v0.1.16
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.15 v0.1.15
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.13 v0.1.13
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.11 v0.1.11
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.5 v0.1.5
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.0 v0.1.0
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.08 v0.08
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.03 v0.03