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udp: Insist on only one successful default socket setup
[secnet.git] / transform-cbcmac.c
2014-10-21 Ian JacksonNEW etc.: Use NEW at non-formulaic call sites
2014-10-21 Ian JacksonNEW etc.: Use NEW in all obvious places
2014-10-21 Ian Jacksontransform: Break out SEQNUM_KEYED_FIELDS and SEQNUM_PAR...
2014-10-21 Ian Jacksontransform-cbcmac: Move max_[seq]_skew into params struct
2014-10-21 Ian Jacksoncleanup: Replace a few calls to malloc/realloc with...
2014-10-05 Ian JacksonUse memcpy helpers and FILLZERO
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonmax_start_pad: calculate globally, not via client graph
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: support multiple transforms
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite, netlink: abolish max_end_pad and min_end_pad
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksontransform: Pass a direction flag to the transform
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksontransform: split out transform-common.h