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util: Provide async_linebuf_read
[secnet.git] / secnet.h
2014-10-08 Ian JacksonIntroduce setnonblock()
2014-10-08 Ian Jacksonprocess: Introduce afterfork()
2014-10-08 Ian Jacksonlogging: Provide lg_exitstatus
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksoncomm: Break out common code in comm
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonlogging: Provide lg_perror and lg_vperror
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonpoll: Document reentrancy restriction on before()
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonpoll: Support deregistration from the main event loop
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonpoll: Abolish max_nfds
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonrealloc: Provide safe_realloc_ary
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonpoll: Introduce and use BEFOREPOLL_WANT_FDS
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonudp: Use <bsd/sys/queue.h> for notify lists
2014-10-06 Ian JacksonProvide dict_read_string_array
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonresolver: Provide input name as argument to callback
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksonresolver: Log reason for DNS resolution failure
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksonresolver: Support IPv6 name resolution
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksonudp: Support IPv6 (mostly)
2014-10-05 Ian JacksonProvide ARRAY_SIZE
2014-10-05 Ian JacksonMake list_length and string_item_to_ipaddr const-correct.
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksonipv6: Support printing, comparing, etc. IPv6 addresses
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksoncomm etc.: Provide comm_addr_equal
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksonipv6: introduce union iaddr
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksonresolver: construct comm_addr; honour multiple addresse...
2014-10-05 Ian Jacksoncomm_if: Define the meaning of ->sendmsg returning...
2014-10-05 Ian JacksonProvide various wrappers for memcpy (COPY_OBJ, BUF_...)
2014-10-02 Ian Jacksonfds: Introduce pipe_cloexec()
2014-10-02 Ian Jacksonfds: Provide cloexec() and use it in udp.c and tun.c
2014-09-19 Ian Jacksonbuffers: Rename buffer_if.len to buffer_if.alloclen.
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksoncomm: Introduce comm_addr_to_string
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonlog: Introduce slilog_part; abolish log_if->logfn
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonsecnet.h: Change bool_t to a C99 _Bool
2014-04-24 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Advise netlink clients of the local link MTU
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonmax_start_pad: calculate globally, not via client graph
2013-07-25 Ian JacksonUse FORMAT everywhere, and fix up the errors it finds
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite: support multiple transforms
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite, transform: per-transform-instance max_start_pad
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonsite, netlink: abolish max_end_pad and min_end_pad
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksontransform: Provide Serpent-EAX transform
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksontransform: Pass a direction flag to the transform
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksontransform: Allow DH to set the key size
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksontransform: split out transform-common.h
2013-07-25 Ian Jacksonserpent, transform: rework GET_32BIT_MSB_FIRST, PUT_...
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksontransform: add ->valid() function
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonsite, transform: Do not initiate rekey when packets...
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonnetlink: abolish check_config and output_config
2011-12-17 Ian Jacksonnetlink: Fix up link down behaviour
2011-12-10 Richard KettlewellNew --managed option for use when running under a daemo...
2011-12-10 Richard KettlewellMake the list of phases be an enumeration.
2011-08-17 Ian Jacksoncomm, udp: Provide an addr_to_string method
2011-08-17 Ian Jacksoncomm, site: pass a new "struct comm_addr" rather than...
2011-08-17 Ian Jacksoncleanup: provide helpful FILLZERO macro (for certain...
2011-08-17 Ian Jacksonsecnet.h: provide helpful STRING macro (for preprocesso...
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksoncleanup: fix up the types of input to hashes to const...
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksonevent loop: remove now and tv_now from before/afterpoll API
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksonevent loop: make tv_now and now into globals
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksoninteger arithmetic types: do not use unsigned for lengths
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksoninteger and buffer overflows: introduce safe_malloc_ary
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksoninteger and buffer overflows: introduce a number of...
2011-06-19 Ian Jacksonlogging: provide vslilog as well as slilog
2011-06-19 Ian Jacksoncleanup: move declaration of version[] into secnet.h
2011-06-19 Ian Jacksoncleanup: move declarations of external objects into...
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyRename log() to slilog()
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.16 v0.1.16
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.15 v0.1.15
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.14 v0.1.14
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.13 v0.1.13
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.12 v0.1.12
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.11 v0.1.11
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.10 v0.1.10
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.6 v0.1.6
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.5 v0.1.5
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.3 v0.1.3
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.2 v0.1.2
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.1 v0.1.1
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.0 v0.1.0
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.08 v0.08
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.07 v0.07
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.04 v0.04
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.03 v0.03