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logging: Provide lg_perror and lg_vperror
[secnet.git] / log.c
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonlogging: Provide lg_perror and lg_vperror
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonpoll: Abolish max_nfds
2014-10-06 Ian Jacksonpoll: Introduce and use BEFOREPOLL_WANT_FDS
2014-05-15 Ian introduce -Wunused-function
2014-05-15 Ian Jacksonlog: Introduce slilog_part; abolish log_if->logfn
2013-07-25 Ian JacksonUse FORMAT everywhere, and fix up the errors it finds
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonmessages: add some missing newlines
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonlog: Print truncated messages
2012-07-12 Ian Jacksonlog: Eliminate potential out-of-control recursion
2011-12-10 Richard KettlewellNew --managed option for use when running under a daemo...
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksonevent loop: remove now and tv_now from before/afterpoll API
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksoninteger arithmetic types: do not use unsigned for lengths
2011-06-26 Ian Jacksoninteger and buffer overflows: introduce a number of...
2011-06-19 Ian Jacksonpossible security fix: do not call slilog with intended...
2011-06-19 Ian Jacksoncleanup: remove redundant "init_module" declarations
2011-06-19 Ian Jacksoncleanup: move declarations of external objects into...
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyRename log() to slilog()
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.15 v0.1.15
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.14 v0.1.14
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.10 v0.1.10
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.9 v0.1.9
2011-05-18 Stephen EarlyImport release 0.1.6 v0.1.6