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slic3r-config: turn perimiters up to 2 - why was it 1 ?
[reprap-play.git] / Makefile
2012-11-28 Ian Jacksonanke-gps-bracket: should fit in one plate
2012-11-25 Ian Jacksondungeonquest-cone: One and Four toplevels
2012-10-21 Ian JacksonMakefile remove %.slic3r dep, fails to cope if missing
2012-10-21 Ian Jacksonxeno-drivebay-bracket in Makefile
2012-10-19 Ian JacksonMakefile do dependency for %.slic3r
2012-10-18 Ian JacksonMakefile{scads,stls} rule
2012-10-10 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of chiark:/u/ianmdlvl/reprap...
2012-10-10 Ian JacksonMakefiles etc.: support *.slic3r files and move pawn...
2012-09-22 Ian JacksonMakefile fix dependency generation after .tmp change
2012-09-20 Ian JacksonMakefile openscad use .tmp.stl
2012-09-20 Ian JacksonMakefile use PRECIOUS
2012-09-20 Ian JacksonMakefile work in own dir again
2012-09-20 Ian JacksonMakefile support out of tree
2012-09-16 Ian JacksonMakefile autogenerates scads are now .auto.scad
2012-09-16 Ian JacksonMakefile: better autogeneration; autogenerates scads...
2012-09-16 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of chiark:/u/ianmdlvl/reprap...
2012-09-16 Ian Jacksonfilamentspool, Makefile: automatic toplevels
2012-09-15 Ian Jacksondoveclip wip for test print
2012-08-13 Ian Jacksongo back to slic3r since skeinforge still unconvincing
2012-08-12 Ian Jacksonwip trying skeinforge again
2012-08-12 Ian Jacksonsize-tests - wip - movement generator in separate file
2012-08-10 Ian JacksonMakefile: better handling of slic3r config
2012-08-02 Ian JacksonMakefile for noninteractive processing