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pattress-boxes-3-cover: change default $peg_outer_slop, from v2, to match #2
[reprap-play.git] / .gitignore
2015-07-05 Ian Jacksonpandemic-quarantines: numbers, dxfs
2015-02-28 Ian Jacksonscrew-recess-test: numbers
2015-01-10 Ian Jacksonpandemic-counter: Makefiles etc.
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: wip, half-done template reorg
2014-12-30 Ian Jacksonknifeblock: wip
2014-02-15 Ian JacksonMakefile, funcs.scad: helpful file
2012-09-16 Ian JacksonMakefile autogenerates scads are now .auto.scad
2012-09-16 Ian JacksonMakefile: better autogeneration; autogenerates scads...
2012-09-16 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'master' of chiark:/u/ianmdlvl/reprap...
2012-09-16 Ian Jacksonfilamentspool, Makefile: automatic toplevels
2012-09-15 Ian Jacksonignore .stls
2012-07-22 Ian Jacksonmore ignores
2012-06-26 Ian Jacksongitignore