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2019-02-23 Ian Jacksonstrip more ? glerk
2019-02-23 Ian Jacksonstrip
2019-02-23 Ian Jacksonstrip
2019-02-23 Ian Jacksonstrip more ?
2019-02-23 Ian JacksonRevert "builddir"
2019-02-23 Ian Jacksonbuilddir
2019-02-23 Ian Jacksoncmake
2019-02-23 Ian Jacksonstrip
2019-02-23 Ian JacksonUpdate changelog for new upstream 2.3+252-g8b3cb5a
2019-02-23 Ian JacksonUpdate to upstream 2.3+252-g8b3cb5a
2019-02-23 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase convert-from-dgit-view: declare upstream
2019-02-23 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase convert-from-dgit-view: drop upstream...
2019-02-23 Ian JacksonImport effective orig tree for upstream version 2.4...
2019-01-08 Julien SchuellerCMake: Fix compilation with CMake>=3.13
2018-12-24 Julien SchuellerCMake: Set CPACK variables in cache
2018-12-14 Julien SchuellerAUGLAG: Fix arithmetic exception (#242)
2018-12-07 Julien SchuellerDont use qsort_s
2018-12-06 Julien SchuellerUse __inline for msvc
2018-12-06 Julien SchuellerUpdate CMakeLists.txt
2018-12-06 Julien SchuellerUse BSD qsort_r implementation
2018-11-14 Julien SchuellerUpdate CMakeLists.txt
2018-11-14 Julien SchuellerAdd fortran test
2018-10-30 Steven G. Johnsonrm obsolete theme
2018-10-19 Steven G. Johnsoncustom theme no longer works?
2018-10-18 Julien SchuellerFix footer link
2018-10-15 Julien SchuellerSupport cmake 3.13
2018-10-15 Julien SchuellerLink swig modules with dynamic lookup
2018-09-20 Julien SchuellerFix THREADLOCAL definition
2018-09-06 Julien SchuellerUse deterministic test seed
2018-09-06 Julien SchuellerFix math layout
2018-09-03 Julien SchuellerDocument passing full paths to cmake
2018-09-03 Julien SchuellerEnhance cmake macros
2018-09-03 Julien SchuellerEnable guile in Travis
2018-08-31 Julien SchuellerFix guile extension load
2018-08-15 Zé ViníciusUpdate
2018-08-08 Julien SchuellerUpdate doc index
2018-07-30 Julien SchuellerEnable CXX by default (#198)
2018-07-30 Julien SchuellerSet PATH on windows hosts only
2018-07-27 Vladislav SovrasovAGS: add force stop, fix max_iters value when maxevals...
2018-07-27 Jérémie DumasCompile tests only in top-level projects. (#197)
2018-07-26 Steven G. Johnsonrelease today
2018-07-26 Steven G. Johnsoncompatibility with octave < 4.2
2018-07-26 Steven G. Johnsonmake sure testopt is linked with C++ linker for nlopt_cxx
2018-07-26 Steven G. Johnsonmoved version vars to the top to make them easier to...
2018-07-26 Steven G. Johnsonnews for upcoming 2.5
2018-07-26 Steven G. Johnsonconverted NEWS to markdown format
2018-07-26 Steven G. JohnsonMerge branch 'master' of git://
2018-07-26 Steven G. Johnsonfix deprecations for recent Octave versions
2018-07-26 Vladislav SovrasovFix wrong layout of references (#196)
2018-07-26 Steven G. Johnsonignore .vscode in git
2018-07-26 Steven G. Johnsonuntabify source files, make indenting more uniform...
2018-07-26 Steven G. Johnsonfix numevals counter in orig_direct
2018-07-26 Steven G. Johnsonadd missing README and COPYRIGHT files from #194
2018-07-26 Vladislav SovrasovAdd AGS global solver (#194)
2018-07-16 Debian Science... octave4.4
2018-07-16 Debian Science... octave-4.0
2018-07-16 Debian Science... spelling-fixes
2018-07-16 Debian Science... configure
2018-07-16 Andreas Tillenlopt (2.4.2+dfsg-8) unstable; urgency=medium
2018-07-16 Andreas TilleImport nlopt_2.4.2+dfsg-8.debian.tar.xz
2018-06-22 Julien SchuellerReset numevals
2018-06-22 Julien SchuellerRemove set_numevals method
2018-06-02 Atri BhattacharyaOctave: Use feval instead of do_multi_index_op.
2018-06-02 Atri BhattacharyaUse OCTAVE_HOME to determine octave root dir.
2018-05-29 Dave TrusselAdd virtual destructor to class Global (in algs/stogo...
2018-04-03 Alex StDocs: Refined syntax highlighting and fixed c++
2018-04-03 Julien Schueller[Travis] homebrew/science is deprecated
2017-12-14 Julien Schueller[Travis] Disable matlab explicitely
2017-12-14 Julien SchuellerLower cmake requirement to 2.8.11
2017-12-11 Steven G. Johnsontypo (fixes #166)
2017-11-28 Julien SchuellerSimplify swig cmake logic (#162)
2017-11-15 Julien SchuellerFix stogo sources location
2017-11-14 Steven G. Johnsonrecommend building in a subdirectory in the manual
2017-11-14 Steven G. Johnsonput source code into src subdirectory
2017-11-14 Steven G. Johnsonrecommend building in a subdir
2017-11-14 Steven G. Johnsonfix #114: crash with empty dimensions in ISRES
2017-11-14 Steven G. Johnsonfixes for guile 2
2017-11-14 Julien SchuellerAdd nlopt_get_numevals (#160)
2017-10-21 Julien Schueller[pkgconfig] Mark libm as private (#156)
2017-10-21 Julien SchuellerFix spelling (#155)
2017-10-17 Julien SchuellerRequire Matlab MX_LIBRARY component (#154)
2017-10-17 Julien SchuellerUse PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR in test/CMakeLists
2017-10-14 Julien SchuellerFix Travis CI macOS build failure
2017-10-14 Alex Lingfix code formatting for including headers (#153)
2017-09-29 Steven G. Johnsonfix doc badge URL
2017-09-25 Julien SchuellerPrefix cmake options (#149)
2017-09-25 Markus RickertChange install destination for headers to relative...
2017-09-18 Julien SchuellerUse Unix eols instead of CRLFs (#148)
2017-09-12 Julien SchuellerMerge pull request #146 from roboticslibrary/patch...
2017-09-12 Markus RickertInstall PDB file with debug information when using...
2017-09-11 Julien SchuellerCleaner way to fix ctest (#144)
2017-09-11 Julien Schuellertest shared libs on appveyor (#142)
2017-09-11 Julien SchuellerMerge pull request #143 from roboticslibrary/patch...
2017-09-10 Markus RickertAdd install include directories to target properties
2017-09-10 Markus RickertAdd namespace to exported CMake targets
2017-09-10 Julien SchuellerMerge pull request #137 from jschueller/bounds
2017-09-10 Julien SchuellerFix set lower|upper bounds methods
2017-09-10 Julien SchuellerMerge pull request #139 from jschueller/doc
2017-09-10 Markus RickertFix dllexport and dllimport for Windows (#140)
2017-09-09 Julien SchuellerUse trusty