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2014-09-18 Philippe De... journal-upload: Remove compilation warning
2014-09-18 Emil Renner... mount: order options before other arguments to mount
2014-09-18 Emil Renner... include fcntl.h rather than sys/fcntl.h
2014-09-18 Emil Renner... sd-rtnl: rtnl-message: remove unneeded linux includes
2014-09-18 Emil Renner... udev: link-config: remove unneded linux/netdevice.h...
2014-09-18 Philippe De... journal: Do not count on the compiler initializing...
2014-09-18 Michael Marineauman: use the escape for "-" in example instead of space.
2014-09-18 Robert Milasanudev: fix path for database names on 'change' event
2014-09-18 David Herrmannbus: fix bus_print_property() to use "int" for booleans
2014-09-18 Tom Gundersenshared: conf-parser - don't leak memory on error in...
2014-09-18 Tom Gundersenlibudev: monitor - warn if we fail to request SO_PASSCRED
2014-09-18 Ronny Chevaliertests: fix resource & mem leaks
2014-09-18 Daniel Macksd-bus: sync kdbus.h
2014-09-18 Cristian Rodríguezsystemctl: fix resource leak CID #1237747
2014-09-18 Cristian RodríguezFix resource leak (coverity CID 1237760)
2014-09-17 Thomas Hindoe... sysv-generator: don't check first if hashmap contains...
2014-09-17 Ronny Chevalierlogind: fix typo
2014-09-17 Tom Gundersenshared: conf-parser
2014-09-17 Tom Gundersenudev: event - modernize spawn_exec()
2014-09-17 Tom Gundersenudev: event - explicitly don't read() from invalid fd
2014-09-17 Tom Gundersenudev: event - modernize spawn_read()
2014-09-17 Thomas Hindoe... nss-resolve: remove dead code
2014-09-17 Tom Gundersenudev: rules - close empty file
2014-09-17 Tom Gundersenlibsystemd-network: dhcp-test - assert that malloc0...
2014-09-17 Tom Gundersennetworkd: dhcp4 - fix unchecked return value
2014-09-17 David Herrmannbus: fix error leak in bus_node_exists()
2014-09-17 David Herrmannbus: never respond to GetManagedObjects() on sub-paths
2014-09-17 David Herrmannsysctl: make --prefix allow all kinds of sysctl paths
2014-09-16 Thomas Hindoe... util: remove a unnecessary check
2014-09-16 David Herrmannterminal: remove dead code checking O_WRONLY
2014-09-16 Thomas Hindoe... test: silence a coverity report
2014-09-16 Andreas Henrikssonshared: fix resource leak in config_parse_default_instance
2014-09-16 Andreas Henrikssonsysv-generator: fix resource leak
2014-09-16 Andreas Henrikssoncore: fix resource leak in manager_environment_add
2014-09-16 Cristian Rodríguezmissing: memfd_create takes unsigned int flags in final...
2014-09-16 Thomas Hindoe... terminal: sd_bus_error_get_errno returns positive errno
2014-09-16 Thomas Hindoe... sd-bus: sd_bus_message_get_errno should only return...
2014-09-16 Andreas Henrikssonbootchart: oom-check correct variable
2014-09-16 Tom Gundersenbootchart: use safe_atod() rather than strtod()
2014-09-16 David Herrmannhostname: add missing EMITS_CHANGE annotation
2014-09-16 Andreas Henrikssonlibsystemd-network: avoid double-free in error case
2014-09-16 Lukas Nykryngpt-auto-generator: fix typo
2014-09-16 Tom Gundersenudev: rules - add missing whitespace to log message
2014-09-16 Tom Gundersenudevd: use safe_ato*() in place of strto*()
2014-09-16 Tom Gundersenudev: util - use log_level_from_string()
2014-09-16 Tom Gundersenlibudev: util - drop util_delete_path()
2014-09-16 Tom Gundersenlibudev: drop util_lookup_{user,group}
2014-09-16 Tom Gundersenudev: apply permissions to static nodes before signally...
2014-09-16 Tom Gundersenudev: only print after final log level has been determined
2014-09-16 Tom Gundersenudevd: initialize epoll_event structs on allocation
2014-09-16 Tom Gundersenudev: don't close std{in,out,err}
2014-09-16 Tom Gundersenudev: drop duplicate logging
2014-09-16 Tom Gundersenudev: split out parse_argv()
2014-09-16 Tom Gundersenudev: split out help and modernise a bit
2014-09-15 Thomas Hindoe... man: sd_bus_error typo fix
2014-09-15 David Herrmannterminal: fix missing hashmap_new() conversions
2014-09-15 Emil Renner... remove unneeded error.h includes
2014-09-15 Michal Schmidtsd-bus: use proper ITERATOR_FIRST abstraction
2014-09-15 Michal Schmidthashmap: minor hashmap_replace optimization
2014-09-15 Michal Schmidthashmap, set: remove unused functions
2014-09-15 Michal Schmidthashmap: introduce hash_ops to make struct Hashmap...
2014-09-15 Michal Schmidtbuild: colorize gcc only if on tty
2014-09-14 Thomas Hindoe... test: fix test of uid-range
2014-09-14 Thomas Hindoe... sd-dhcp: fix test of magic cookie
2014-09-13 Tom Gundersenresolved: fall back to hardcoded ifindex when checking...
2014-09-13 Dave Reisnernetworkd: remove vestigial event sources
2014-09-13 Dave Reisnercore: use correct function to free CalendarSpec
2014-09-13 Thomas Hindoe... core: fix a potential mem leak
2014-09-13 Thomas Hindoe... analyze: fix mem leak
2014-09-13 Philippe De... core: smack-setup: Actually allow for succesfully loadi...
2014-09-11 Thomas Hindoe... analyze: avoid a null dereference
2014-09-11 Tom Gundersenudev: timeout - warn after a third of the timeout befor...
2014-09-11 Thomas Hindoe... firstboot: silence a warning
2014-09-11 Thomas Hindoe... manager: use correct cleanup function
2014-09-11 Philippe De... activate: fix fd leak in do_accept()
2014-09-11 David Herrmanntest: fix mem-leak in fdopen() test
2014-09-11 Philippe De... bus: unref buscreds on failure
2014-09-11 Philippe De... journal: do not leak mmaps on OOM
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: fix uninitialized variable in strerror()...
2014-09-11 Philippe De... journal: do not dereference already freed patterns
2014-09-11 Philippe De... bus: avoid using m->kdbus after freeing it
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: drop redundant assertion
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: fix wrong return value in idev if fcntl(...
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: enable sessions in evcat after taking control
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: remove unused set.h inclusion in idev
2014-09-11 David Herrmannudev: allow removing tags via TAG-="foobar"
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: remove redundant "struct" prefixes
2014-09-11 David Herrmannterminal: discard async read() errors for evdev
2014-09-10 Michael Bieblbacklight: Avoid error when state restore is disabled
2014-09-10 Tom Gundersenudev: timeout - increase timeout
2014-09-10 Tom Gundersenudev: fix copy-paste error in log message
2014-09-10 Patrik FlyktTODO: Remove Elapsed Time DHCPv6 option as it is done
2014-09-10 Patrik Flykttest-dhcp6-client: Add checks for Elapsed Time option
2014-09-10 Patrik Flyktsd-dhcp6-client: Implement Elapsed Time option
2014-09-09 Tom Gundersenudev - drop print_kmsg
2014-09-09 Tom Gundersenudev: netif_rename - don't log to kmsg
2014-09-09 Tom Gundersenudev: net_setup_link - open ethtool and rtnl connection...
2014-09-09 Tom Gundersenudev: event - keep one rtnl per worker, rather than...
2014-09-09 Tom Gundersenudev: import the full db on MOVE events for devices...
2014-09-09 Ivan Shapovalovbuild-sys: make hibernation support configure option...