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2006-10-15 Kay Sieversvolume_id: add comment about hfs uuid conversion
2006-10-13 Kay Sieversvolume_id: add checksum check to via_raid
2006-10-13 Kay Sieverspersistent storage rules: skip gnbd devices
2006-10-10 Kay Sieversrelease 102
2006-10-10 Kay Sieversupdate SUSE rules
2006-10-10 Kay Sieversscsi_id: export ID_SERIAL_SHORT without vendor/product
2006-10-08 Kay Sieversif /sys/subsystem exists, skip class, bus, block scanning
2006-10-08 Kay Sieversfirst try "subsystem" link at a parent device, before...
2006-10-02 Daniel Drakewriting_udev_rules: fix typo in example rule
2006-10-02 MUNEDA Takahiropath_id: fix SAS disk handling
2006-09-30 Kay Sieversupdate default rules
2006-09-30 Kay Sieversupdate SUSE rules
2006-09-30 Kay Sieverscreate missing ChangeLog for version 101
2006-09-30 Kay Sieversrelease 101
2006-09-23 Bryan Kadzbanadd IMPORT operations to the udev man page
2006-09-23 Bryan Kadzbancleanup default rules
2006-09-20 Piter PUNKupdate slackware rules
2006-09-20 Kay Sieversfix spelling in deprecation warning
2006-09-20 Arjan Opmeerfix udevinfo help text typo
2006-09-20 Michał Bartoszkiewiczudevtrigger: fix typo that prevents partition events
2006-09-19 VMiklosupdate Frugalware rules
2006-09-19 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: trigger devices sorted by their dependency
2006-09-19 Kay Sieversudev_sysfs: unify symlink resolving
2006-09-19 Kay Sieversudevinfo: print error in --attribute-walk
2006-09-18 Kay Sieversdon't print PHYSDEV* warnings for old WAIT_FOR_SYSFS...
2006-09-18 Kay Sieverswarn if a PHYSEDV* key, the "device" link, or a parent...
2006-09-16 Miles Laneclarify "specified user/group unknown" error
2006-09-12 Kay Sieversvolume_id: correct iso9660 high sierra header
2006-09-09 Kay Sieversrule_generator: improve net rule comment generation
2006-09-08 Kay Sieversudevd: add --debug-trace option
2006-09-08 Kay Sieversudevd: add --verbose option to log also to stdout
2006-09-08 Kay Sieversudevd: use getopt_long()
2006-09-07 Kay Sieversremove Makefile magic for leading '0' in version
2006-09-07 Kay Sieversrelease 100
2006-09-07 Kay Sieversrevert persistent-storage ata-serial '_' '-' replacement
2006-09-07 Kay Sieversman: add $attr{} section about symlinks
2006-09-06 Kay Sieversfix messed up ChangeLog from release 099
2006-09-06 Kay Sieversupdate SUSE rules
2006-09-06 Kay Sieversrelease 099
2006-09-06 MUNEDA Takahirochanges rules for ata disk from '_' to '-'
2006-09-05 Marco d'Itriadd persistent rules generator for net devices and...
2006-09-05 Kay Sieversremove broken
2006-09-05 Kay Sieversudevinfo: do not show symlinks as attributes in --attri...
2006-09-05 Kay Sieverscdrom_id: add rules file to call cdrom_id
2006-09-05 Kay Sieverslet $attr{symlink} return the last element of the path
2006-09-04 Kay Sieversfix ENV{TEST}="Test: $env{TEST}"
2006-09-03 Kay Sieversudevinfo: fix SUBSYTEMS spelling error
2006-09-03 Sergey Vlasovfix "subsytem" typo
2006-09-03 Sergey Vlasovmake struct option arrays static const
2006-09-03 Greg KHupdate Gentoo rules
2006-09-03 Kay Sieversreorder options in udevinfo man page
2006-09-03 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: fix pattern match
2006-09-03 Kay Sieversudevd: use files instead of symlinks for /dev/.udev...
2006-09-03 Kay Sieversudevinfo: use long options
2006-09-03 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: remove unused longindex
2006-09-03 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: options to filter by subsystem and sysfs...
2006-09-02 Kay Sieversupdate TODO
2006-08-28 Kay Sieversudevtest: print header that ENV{} can't work
2006-08-27 Kay Sieversupdate source file headers
2006-08-27 Marco d'Itrirun_program: close pipe fd's which are connected to...
2006-08-27 Marco d'Itriupdate Debian rules
2006-08-24 Kay Sieversrename major/minor variable to maj/min to avoid warning
2006-08-24 Kay Sieversuse fnmatch() instead of our own pattern match code
2006-08-23 Kay Sieversudev_db.c: include <sys/stat.h>
2006-08-22 Kay Sievers098 release
2006-08-22 Marco d'Itriupdate Debian rules
2006-08-22 Marco d'Itrifix rc when using udev --daemon
2006-08-21 Kay Sieversman: add ATTR{file}="value" assignment
2006-08-21 Kay Sieversdb: don't create a db file for only a node name to...
2006-08-21 Kay Sieverscleanup commandline argument handling
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversuse new key names in test programs
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversalways expect KEY{value} on ATTR, ATTRS, ENV keys
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversremove built-in /etc/passwd /etc/group parser
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversvol_id: use primary group of 'nobody' instead of 'nogroup'
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversvolume_id: add suspend partition detection
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: add --retry-failed
2006-08-20 Marco d'Itrifix 'unknow user' error from getpwnam/getgrnam
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversfix typo in SUBSYSTEMS key parsing
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversexport DRIVER for older kernels as a replacement for...
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversupdate default rules
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversupdate SUSE rules
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversintroduce ATTR{file}="value" to set sysfs attributes
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversskip rule, if too may keys of the same type are used
2006-08-19 Kay Sieversconsistent key naming to match only the event device...
2006-08-18 Harald Hoyerselinux: init once in the daemon, not in every event...
2006-08-18 Kay Sieverslookup_user, lookup_group: report "unknown user" and...
2006-08-18 Kay Sieversudevinfo, udevtest: simplify '/sys' stripping from...
2006-08-18 Kay Sieversudevinfo: allow -a -n <node>
2006-08-18 Kay Sieversdb: store devpath - node relationship for all devices
2006-08-17 Alex Merryudevtest: allow /sys in the devpath paramter
2006-08-16 Michał Bartoszkiewiczman pages: fix typos
2006-08-16 Kay Sieversrename udev_libc_wrapper -> udev_sysdeps
2006-08-15 Lennart Poetteringvolume_id: fix fat32 cluster chain traversal
2006-08-15 Kay Sieversman page: fix typo
2006-08-14 Kay Sieversudevd: remove huge socket buffer on the control socket
2006-08-13 Kay Sievers097 release
2006-08-13 Kay Sieversudevd: read DRIVER from the environment
2006-08-13 Kay Sieversupdate SUSE rules
2006-08-13 Kay Sieversdon't report an error on overlong comment lines
2006-08-13 Kay Sieversupdate Fedora rules