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udevadm: trigger - add --env= option
[elogind.git] / udevtrigger.c
2008-04-22 Kay Sieversudevadm: trigger - add --env= option
2008-04-20 Kay Sieverslogging: add trailing newline to all strings
2008-04-02 Kay Sieversalso accept real socket files for RUN+="socket:<path>"
2008-03-29 Kay Sieversudevadm: trigger - fix --socket== + --verbose
2008-03-29 Kay Sieversudevadm: trigger - fix broken socket option check
2008-03-26 Kay Sieversudevadm: trigger - option to synthesize events and...
2007-11-08 Kay Sieversudevadm: merge all udev tools into a single binary
2007-08-24 Michael Moronyset buffer size if strlcpy/strlcat indicate truncation
2007-07-27 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: trigger "driver" events
2007-07-09 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: allow to specify action string
2007-06-23 Kay Sieversno newline in log messages
2007-03-16 Kay Sieversstore devpath with the usual leading slash
2007-03-14 Kay Sieversencode db-file names, instead of just replacing '/'
2006-10-08 Kay Sieversif /sys/subsystem exists, skip class, bus, block scanning
2006-09-20 Michał Bartoszkiewiczudevtrigger: fix typo that prevents partition events
2006-09-19 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: trigger devices sorted by their dependency
2006-09-03 Sergey Vlasovfix "subsytem" typo
2006-09-03 Sergey Vlasovmake struct option arrays static const
2006-09-03 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: fix pattern match
2006-09-03 Kay Sieversudevd: use files instead of symlinks for /dev/.udev...
2006-09-03 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: remove unused longindex
2006-09-03 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: options to filter by subsystem and sysfs...
2006-08-27 Kay Sieversupdate source file headers
2006-08-21 Kay Sieverscleanup commandline argument handling
2006-08-20 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: add --retry-failed
2006-04-08 Kay Sieversudevtrigger: fix event order
2006-03-17 Kay Sieversadd udevtrigger to request events for coldplug