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[elogind.git] / udevd.xml
2007-04-26 Harald Hoyerudevcontrol: allow to set global variables in udevd
2007-03-07 Kay Sieversman: add missing options to various man pages
2007-02-24 Matthias Schwarzottadd option --version to udevd
2007-01-28 A. Costaman: fix typos in scsi_id and udevd
2006-09-08 Kay Sieversudevd: add --debug-trace option
2006-09-08 Kay Sieversudevd: add --verbose option to log also to stdout
2006-09-08 Kay Sieversudevd: use getopt_long()
2006-07-29 Kay Sieversman pages: work around xmlto which tries to be smart
2006-03-28 Kay Sieversman pages: mention udev(7) not udev(8)
2006-01-28 Kay Sieversmove manpages to top level