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add udev_rules_run() to handle RUN list
[elogind.git] / udev_utils_run.c
2007-07-14 Kay Sieversuse global udev_log variable instead of parameter in...
2007-06-09 Tobias Klauserfix typo in udev_utils_run.c
2007-05-16 Scott James Remnantrun_program: log "info" not "error" if program is missing
2006-08-27 Kay Sieversupdate source file headers
2006-08-27 Marco d'Itrirun_program: close pipe fd's which are connected to...
2006-01-26 Kay Sieversdon't add $SUBSYSTEM automatically as $1 to programs
2006-01-23 Kay SieversMakefile: remove dynamic config file generation
2006-01-20 Olivier Blinfixes udev build with -fpie
2006-01-09 Kay Sieversreplace libsysfs
2005-12-03 Kay Sieversallow programs in /lib/udev called without the path
2005-11-07 Marco d'Itriadd strerror() to error logs
2005-08-28 Kay Sieversuse WRITE_END/READ_END for the pipe index
2005-08-22 Kay Sieversadd program name to logged error
2005-08-15 Kay Sieverscleanup some debug output and move to info level +...
2005-08-13 Kay Sieversdon't fail too bad, if /dev/null does not exist
2005-08-13 Kay SieversMerge
2005-08-12 Kay Sieversfix more compiler warnings ...
2005-08-11 Kay Sieversallow logging of all output from executed tools
2005-08-10 Kay Sieverssplit udev_util in several files