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build argv[] for builtin commands
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2011-12-23 Kay Sieversbuild argv[] for builtin commands
2011-12-21 Kay Sieversadd builtin load/unload initializers
2011-12-21 Kay Sieversprepare builtins for blkid and kmod
2011-12-21 Luis Felipe Strano... Switch spawn_read to void and remove useless stores...
2011-12-20 Ville Skyttäman: spelling fix
2011-12-05 Kay Sieversuse libexecdir, bindir, sbindir, switch to /usr/lib...
2011-11-22 Kay Sieversman: clarify 'config file stack'
2011-11-01 Kay Sieversdo not skip /dev/{disk,char}/M:m removal when the devic...
2011-10-22 Kay Sieversignore entire rules line if unknown keys are used
2011-10-11 Kay Sieversudevd: add missing braces
2011-10-10 Kay Sieversudev_ctrl_cleanup()- accept NULL as argument
2011-10-09 Kay Sieversudevd: control - no not delete socket file when --daemo...
2011-10-09 Kay Sieversudevadm: control - use /run/udev/control socket instead...
2011-10-08 Steve Langasekudevd: exit - process events before signals in worker
2011-10-06 Kay Sieverssystemd: update drop-in sd-daemon files
2011-10-05 Kay Sieverslibudev: export udev_util_encode_string()
2011-10-05 Kay Sieversremove 'udevadm trigger --type=failed' and SYSFS, ID...
2011-10-05 Kay Sieversusb_id: can't use global variables when used as built-in
2011-10-03 Petr Uzeludevadm: settle - return failure if unknown option...
2011-09-01 Kay Sieversmknod: do not complain about existing node
2011-08-17 Kay Sieverslibudev: udev_device_get_sysattr_value() return syspath...
2011-08-17 Kay Sieversexport USEC_INITIALIZED= and take timestamp on message...
2011-08-14 Kay Sieverspreserve 'sticky bit' on 'add/change' events
2011-08-11 Kay Sieversdo not remove static nodes on module unload
2011-08-05 Kay Sieversimplement path_id, usb_id, input_id as built-in command
2011-08-04 Kay Sieverslibudev: list - use binary search for list lookup
2011-07-30 Kay Sieversudevd: debug - put timestamp in []
2011-07-30 Kay Sieversudevadm: trigger --type=failed - log deprecation warning
2011-07-18 Kay Sieversdo not allow kernel properties to be set by udev rules
2011-07-15 Kay Sieversdo not delete database when renaming netif, the db...
2011-07-13 Kay Sieversudevadm: move udevadm command descriptions into their...
2011-07-11 Kay Sieversudevd: fix (recently) broken static node permission...
2011-07-11 Kay Sieversudevd: use 'uptime' in debug timestamp
2011-07-10 Kay Sieversupdate sd-daemon.[ch]
2011-07-10 Kay Sieverslibudev: ctrl - move code to udev directory
2011-07-10 Kay Sieversudevadm: monitor - use uptime to match the kernel's...
2011-07-07 Kay Sieverslibudev: enumerate - add udev_enumerate_add_match_parent()
2011-07-07 Kay Sieversenforce valid TAG+= names
2011-06-30 Harald Hoyerudev/udevadm-monitor.c: fixed misplaced brace
2011-06-30 Harald Hoyerudevadm-*.c: return != 0, if unknown option given
2011-05-30 Kay Sieversrules: static_node - use 0660 if group is given to...
2011-05-26 Kay Sieversrules: support substitutions in TAG=
2011-05-25 Kay Sieversrules: implement TAGS== match
2011-05-25 Kay Sieversrules: fix whitespace
2011-05-18 Kay Sieversrelease 169
2011-05-18 Kay Sieversudevadm: settle: wake up more often if --seq-start...
2011-05-17 Kay SieversMerge branch 'docs/udev.xml' of git://
2011-05-16 Kay Sieverslibudev: device - use DEVMODE from kernel as the defaul...
2011-05-16 Kay Sieverslibudev: queue - always rebuild queue file when nothing...
2011-05-16 Kay Sieversudevd: remove left-over SIGALRM
2011-05-16 Kay Sieversudevd: create queue file before daemonizing to reliably...
2011-04-28 Kay Sieversudevd: improve error message in case exec() fails
2011-04-27 Kay Sieversset event timeout to 60 sec and settle timeout to 120
2011-04-23 Kay Sieverslibudev: list - use bit flags for 'sort' and 'unique'
2011-04-23 Kay Sieverssimplify rules file overwrite logic
2011-04-21 Kay Sieversudevd, udev-event: sync waitpid() error handling
2011-04-21 Harald Hoyerudevd: clarify worker exit status
2011-04-20 Kay Sieversudevd: log signal number when spawned processes fail
2011-04-20 Kay Sieversudevd: rules files - accept empty or /dev/null links
2011-04-20 Kay Sieversudevd: always use udevd[] log prefix
2011-04-20 Kay Sieversudevd: netif rename - use ifindex for temporary name
2011-04-20 Kay Sieversudevadm: settle - kill alarm()
2011-04-19 Kay Sieverstimeout handling without alarm()
2011-04-18 Kay SieversMerge branch 'docs/README' of git://
2011-04-18 Kay Sieversudevd: ppoll() -> epoll + signalfd
2011-04-17 Kay Sieversuse 'else if' in epoll event array loop
2011-04-17 Kay Sieversudevadm: test - use printf() instead of info() for...
2011-04-15 Kay Sieversudevadm: monitor - use epoll
2011-04-14 Kay Sieversudevd: get netlink socket from systemd
2011-04-14 Kay Sieversrequire explicit "db_persist" to exclude device info...
2011-04-14 Kay Sieversudevd: move OOM disable into --daemon option
2011-04-14 Kay Sievers"db_persist=" -> "db_persist"
2011-04-14 Kay Sieversudevd: do not nice processes
2011-04-13 Kay Sieversudevadm: info --cleanup-db
2011-04-13 Kay Sieversudevadm: settle - watch queue file
2011-04-13 Kay Sieversudevd: log warning if /run is not writable
2011-04-12 Kay Sieverstrivial cleanups
2011-04-12 Kay Sieversudevadm: control - add --exit
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Fix dangling modifier
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Improved word order
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Clarify through a change in word ordering
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: `comma-separated' is a better description
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: `char' -> `character'
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Add comma
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Actually make a separate paragraph
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Use normal sentence structure
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Clean up introduction to substitutions.
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: `a' -> `the'
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Clean up WAIT_FOR description
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: `commandline' -> `command line'
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: `which' -> `content of which'
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Add missing `.'
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Clean up description of LABEL assignmen...
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Clean up description of RUN assignment key
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Clean up description of ENV assignment key
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Clean up description of SYMLINK assignm...
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Clean up description of NAME assignment key
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Clean character range description
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: Clean `*' description
2011-04-11 Michael WittenDocs: udev.xml: `a shell style' -> `shell-style'