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__thread --> thread_local for C11 compat
[elogind.git] / src / login / user-sessions.c
2013-11-05 Lennart Poetteringuser-sessions: modernizations
2013-07-10 Lennart Poetteringuser-sessions: rely on PID 1 to kill sessions
2013-06-20 Lennart Poetteringlogind: add infrastructure to keep track of machines...
2013-04-03 Lennart Poetteringutil: rename write_one_line_file() to write_string_file()
2013-02-14 Harald Hoyerhonor SELinux labels, when creating and writing config...
2013-01-07 Tom GundersenMerge nss-myhostname
2012-06-25 Lennart Poetteringman: document systemd-user-sessions.service
2012-04-11 Lennart Poetteringrelicense to LGPLv2.1 (with exceptions)
2012-04-03 Kay Sieversimport udev repository
2012-01-12 Lennart Poetteringcore: switch all log targets to go directly to the...
2011-12-31 Lennart Poetteringlogin: move systemd-user-sessions.service into login...