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cgroup: when getting cgroup empty notifications, always search up the tree
[elogind.git] / src / login / logind.c
2012-02-03 Lennart Poetteringcgroup: when getting cgroup empty notifications, always...
2012-01-31 Lennart Poetteringlogind: if we have to stop a session, kill at least...
2012-01-05 Lennart Poetteringbuild-sys: move public header files into a dir of their own
2012-01-04 Kay Sieverslogind: add needed include for sd_notify()
2012-01-04 Lennart Poetteringjournald: parse configuration file
2012-01-03 Lennart Poetteringlogind: don't watch vcsa if nobody cares
2012-01-03 Lennart Poetteringlogind: if we can't open /dev/tty0, assume there is...
2011-12-31 Lennart Poetteringlogind: move logind into its own subdirectory