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Fix for SIGSEGV in systemd-bootchart on short-living processes
[elogind.git] / src / bootchart / store.c
2013-10-15 Igor ZhbanovFix for SIGSEGV in systemd-bootchart on short-living...
2013-08-15 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... bootchart: remove +x permissions on .c file
2013-06-12 Jason St. Johnbootchart: fix typos in copyright notices
2013-05-02 Nathaniel ChenDynamically allocate bootchart logs
2013-04-18 Harald Hoyermove _cleanup_ attribute in front of the type
2013-03-31 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... bootchart: fix a potential buffer overrun
2013-03-29 Zbigniew Jędrzejew... bootchart: properly terminate string
2013-03-11 Lennart Poetteringbootchart: various superficial cleanups
2013-03-11 Lennart Poetteringbootchart: rename log.c to store.c to aovid confusion...