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extras/keymap/findkeyboards: beautify shell code and get rid of grep
[elogind.git] / extras / keymap / findkeyboards
2011-11-07 Harald Hoyerextras/keymap/findkeyboards: beautify shell code and...
2011-10-26 Martin Pittfindkeyboards: Consistently use spaces instead of tabs
2011-10-26 Martin Pittextras/keymap/findkeyboards: Filter out non-event devices
2010-07-07 Martin Pittkeymap: Find alternate Lenovo module
2009-12-15 Martin Pittkeymap: fix findkeyboards
2009-07-18 Martin Pittextras/keymap: teach findkeyboards about USB keyboards
2009-06-17 Martin Pittkeymap: move from udev-extras