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Commit patch queue (exported by git-debrebase)
[elogind.git] / debian / control
2018-10-05 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase import: declare upstream
2018-01-10 Andreas MesserRevert "Update build-dep"
2018-01-10 Andreas MesserUpdate build-dep
2018-01-08 Andreas MesserAdd "Replaces" field
2018-01-08 Andreas MesserUpdate package relations
2018-01-08 Andreas MesserLet elogind conflict with systemd
2018-01-08 Andreas MesserRemove "Conflicts: openrc"
2018-01-08 Andreas MesserFix dependencies for Debian
2018-01-07 Andreas MesserMerge patches from Hleb Valoshka
2018-01-07 Andreas MesserFactor out common files to fix multi-arch installs
2018-01-06 Andreas MesserFix several issues found by review
2018-01-05 Andreas MesserAdd sysv init scripts and splitoff pam module
2018-01-04 Andreas Messeradd devuan build control files