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Merge remote branch 'pkern/master'
[dsa-metapackages.git] / debian /
2010-09-04 Martin Zobel-HelasMerge remote branch 'pkern/master'
2010-09-04 Your Nameadd wdiff to
2010-09-04 Philipp depend on a fixed moreutils
2010-09-04 Philipp add python-mako
2010-09-04 Philipp added
2010-09-04 Philipp add mutt dep
2010-08-31 Martin Zobel-Helasadd wdiff dependency
2010-08-27 Bernd ZeimetzAdding various dependencies of
2010-08-27 Hector Oronfix debian/control
2010-08-12 Martin Zobel-Helasstart new meta package
2010-08-11 Martin Zobel-Helasadd syslog-ng (>= 3.1) to, add acpid (>...
2010-07-04 Joerg JaspertAnd more updates to the ftpmaster meta package
2010-07-03 Joerg JaspertMerge branch 'master' of
2010-07-02 Joerg JaspertUpdate python-sqlalchemy dependency for ftpmaster metap...
2010-07-01 Stephen GranRemove etch from upgrade-porter-chroots
2010-07-01 Joerg JaspertUpdate python-sqlalchemy dependency for ftpmaster metap...
2010-06-27 Martin Zobel-Helasadd mercurial to -recommended
2010-06-14 Peter Palfraderbuildd-reboot: change shutdown time to 1 minute from 15
2010-06-14 Peter Palfraderbuildd: depend on db4.8-util instead of 4.7
2010-04-28 Martin Zobel-Helasadd changelog entry
2010-04-26 Peter Palfraderpuppet now wants augeas, so add it to dependencies
2010-04-23 Peter Palfraderremove irqbalance from -recommended
2010-04-21 Peter PalfraderUpdate changelog
2010-04-21 Peter PalfraderMerge commit 'sledge/master'
2010-04-21 Steve McIntyreAdd depends on zip for the CD builder
2010-04-07 Andreas Barthadd libfile-spec-perl to
2010-04-03 Peter Palfraderdepend on edos-distcheck instead of edos-debcheck
2010-03-29 Peter libdbd-pg-perl python-pyinotify python...
2010-03-26 Peter PalfraderDocument pkern's changes in changelog
2010-03-26 Peter PalfraderMerge commit 'pkern/master'
2010-03-25 Philipp add php5
2010-03-25 Philipp add python-nose
2010-03-22 Peter Palfraderrelease 33
2010-03-22 Peter PalfraderDocument pkern's changes in changelog
2010-03-22 Peter PalfraderMerge commit 'pkern/master'
2010-03-22 Philipp replace libmldbm-perl with libdbi...
2010-03-14 Martin Zobel-Helasadd metapackage
2010-03-03 Peter Palfraderportforwarder-ssh-wrap: Do not linger around on half...
2010-03-02 Peter PalfraderFix broken syntax recently introduced; fix whitespace...
2010-03-02 Andreas add python-sqlalchemy (>= 0.5),...
2010-03-02 Andreas Barthadd postgresql-8.4-debversion to buildd.d.o metapackage
2010-03-02 Peter Palfraderwhitespace nazi
2010-03-02 Peter PalfraderDo not list apache, we will install that seperately
2010-03-02 Steve McIntyreAdd a cdbuilder metapackage
2010-02-28 Andreas Barthupdate metapackage
2010-02-28 Peter PalfraderMerge branch 'master' of
2010-02-27 Joerg JaspertAdd a changelog entry
2010-02-27 Joerg Jaspertpython instead of python2.4.
2010-02-27 Joerg Jasperteditor extensions are unwanted
2010-02-27 Joerg Jaspertmc is already in -recommends
2010-02-27 Joerg JaspertNo more gpgv
2010-02-27 Joerg JaspertFixup apt-utils depends
2010-02-27 Joerg JaspertAdd a first version for an ftpd.o metapackage
2010-02-27 Joerg JaspertUpdate the metapackage
2010-02-21 Peter PalfraderFix install target of Makefile to deal with usr/bin
2010-02-21 Peter Palfraderrelease new package
2010-02-21 Peter PalfraderAdd portforwarder-ssh-wrap script.
2010-01-24 Martin Zobel-HelasNew dependencies of ttf-arphic...
2010-01-24 Martin Zobel-Helasadd missing commas
2010-01-24 Martin Zobel-Helasrelease 30
2010-01-23 Peter Palfraderapache2-vhost-update: Show differences of vhost config...
2010-01-23 Peter PalfraderMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2010-01-23 Peter PalfraderNew dependencies of - ftp
2010-01-23 Peter PalfraderNew dependencies of
2010-01-05 Martin Zobel-Helasadding build-deps of installation-guide
2010-01-05 Martin Zobel-Helasadd xmlroff and dblatex to
2010-01-04 Martin Zobel-Helasadd latex-cjk-all to
2010-01-04 Martin Zobel-HelasNew dependencies of whois ...
2009-12-09 Peter Palfrader29
2009-12-09 Peter Palfrader-recommended depends on lftp and dput
2009-11-17 Peter Palfraderrecommends pulls in w3m and elinks
2009-11-16 Peter Palfraderd.o-recommended depends on buffer
2009-11-16 Peter Palfraderd.o-recommended depends on file
2009-10-29 Peter PalfraderAdd package
2009-10-29 Peter PalfraderDepend on traceroute, ndisc6
2009-10-26 Peter Palfraderbuildd-reboot: Write 'delete-on-reboot' to no-daemon...
2009-10-24 Peter Palfraderbuildd-reboot: Only touch no-daemon-please if there...
2009-10-23 Peter PalfraderBetter stop while you're behind
2009-10-23 Peter Palfrader*sigh*
2009-10-23 Peter PalfraderSyntax fix
2009-10-23 Peter PalfraderCommit old change that was down out of version control...
2009-10-23 Peter PalfraderAdd buildd-reboot script
2009-10-06 Peter Palfraderadd man-db to list of packages we like
2009-10-06 Peter Palfraderr-cran-lattice for wb
2009-09-30 Peter Palfraderpython-apt for testing-security
2009-09-29 Peter Palfradergenisoimage
2009-09-28 Peter Palfradervlan, ifenslave, bridge-utils
2009-09-28 Peter Palfraderunzip
2009-09-28 Peter PalfraderFix package name: patch-planet -> planet
2009-09-28 Peter Palfraderrelease
2009-09-28 Peter PalfraderAdd a
2009-09-28 Peter Palfradergit-svn, subversion-tools
2009-09-06 Martin Zobel-Helas* add ghostscript
2009-09-05 Martin Zobel-Helasadd db4.7-util to
2009-09-05 Peter Palfraderpython-contract for buildd
2009-09-05 Peter PalfraderAdd a
2009-09-04 Peter PalfraderOne more dependency for patch-tracker
2009-09-02 Peter PalfraderOne more dependency for patch-tracker
2009-09-02 Peter PalfraderAdd a
2009-08-23 Peter PalfraderNew dependencies of asciidoc...