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Spell testing differently
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2009-03-16 Peter PalfraderSpell testing differently
2009-03-10 Peter PalfraderChange order
2009-03-10 Peter Palfraderemacs22
2009-01-10 Peter PalfraderFix comment in apache2-vhost-update
2009-01-10 Peter PalfraderDo not allow include statements in sites
2009-01-10 Peter PalfraderRename restart-apache to apache2-vhost-update
2009-01-10 Peter PalfraderMake restart-apache script a lot smarter
2008-12-07 Martin Zobel-Helasadd apache-restart script
2008-09-16 Peter PalfraderInstall upgrade-porter-chroots script
2008-09-16 Peter PalfraderDepend on libpam-pwdfile
2008-08-28 Peter PalfraderInstead of cacert-spi we can also have ca-certificates...
2008-07-13 Peter PalfraderAdd ed
2008-05-25 Peter PalfraderNo longer install spi's CA into /etc/ssl/certs, instead...
2008-05-24 Peter PalfraderAdd bzip2 and less to depends
2008-05-24 Peter Palfrader* Get rid of ssh (>= 10:3) dependency.
2008-05-24 Peter PalfraderInitial import