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git-debrebase: `prepush' is now a silent no-op if unstitched.
[dgit.git] / git-debrebase.1.pod
2018-08-19 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: `prepush' is now a silent no-op if unsti...
2018-08-04 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: scrap: Run git-rebase --abort if applicable
2018-08-04 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: New feature `scrap'
2018-08-04 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Provide new convert-from-dgit-view opera...
2018-08-04 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Support --dgit option for finding dgit
2018-08-02 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): Fix typo "unappled".
2018-07-31 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): Warn against plain git rebase.
2018-07-31 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: convert-from-gbp: Use same algorithm...
2018-07-08 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase convert-from-gbp: Add ffq check
2018-07-08 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase convert-from-gbp: Make it ff of dgit...
2018-07-06 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase new-upstream: Add a -1 revision if the...
2018-06-18 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase manpages: Fix typos and etc.
2018-06-17 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Rename new-upstream-v0 command to new...
2018-06-17 Ian JacksonMerge branch 'gdr-manpages' into wip.rebase
2018-06-17 Ian Jacksondocumentation: Discuss gdr make-patches vs dgit quilt...
2018-06-17 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Use git-deborig style upstream commitish...
2018-06-17 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: make-patched: Provide --quiet-would...
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Provide status subcommand
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Implement make-patches
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Do not mind stitching an unlaundered...
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Provide "prepush"
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Provide and test "conclude"
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): Fix to say that noop is always ok...
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): Very minor clarification to "quick"
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Rename `conclude' to `quick'
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Handle -i option as a git-rebase option
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Provide conclude subcommand
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Rename `problem'/`fproblem' to `snag'
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): Further manpage improvement
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1),(5): More changes from conversation...
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): Improvements from Sean
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Provide anchor subcommand
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: Rework keycommits out of breakwater_of
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase: stitch: check the branch is laundered
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): document options
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): document record-ffq-prev
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): document some more
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): document convert-to-gbp
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): document convert-from-gbp
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): wip
2018-06-16 Ian Jacksongit-debrebase(1): wip