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2010-02-14 hertzogUpdate and simplify list of architectures. Thanks Karl...
2010-02-14 hertzogUpdate number of source packages. Thanks Karl Goetz...
2010-02-09 spaillardFix typo
2010-01-25 henrich-guestftp-eu-upload-host is ftp."eu" fixed.
2010-01-23 henrich-guestJapanese: squash fuzzy
2010-01-17 henrich-guest<literal> tag to testing as well stable.
2010-01-16 henrich-guestchange "Security Team FAQ" url for l10n-ed link.
2010-01-12 henrich-guestupdate resource.po (Japanese)
2010-01-09 hertzogUpdate URL explaining the "Debian Maintainer" status.
2010-01-08 hertzogDocument new "buildd" keyword from the PTS.
2010-01-08 henrich-guestupdate and fix tag miss.
2010-01-07 hertzogUpdate section about Alioth to mention FusionForge...
2010-01-06 hertzogRemove spurious </para><para> in the middle of a sentence
2010-01-06 henrich-guestupdate Japanese translation (not reviewed yet).
2010-01-06 henrich-guestmissing <para> for resources.dbk:585.
2010-01-04 hertzogFix typo muliple -> multiple
2010-01-03 hertzogRegenerate POT files and merge into po files
2010-01-03 hertzogUpdate URL of Packages-arch-specific. Closes: #553974
2010-01-03 hertzogUpdate URL of the security tracker
2010-01-03 hertzogDrop section about debmake, it has been removed of...
2010-01-03 hertzogFix typo “programms“ → “programs”. Closes: #560808
2010-01-03 hertzogFix typo “transfered“ → “transferred”. Closes: #555685
2010-01-03 hertzogUpdate several sections to take into account the new...
2010-01-03 hertzogMention docbook, POD and reST as convenient formats...
2010-01-03 hertzogDrop references to non-working upload queues, document...
2010-01-03 hertzogMention instead of ftp-master...
2010-01-03 hertzogThe key protecting #debian-private is now stored on...
2010-01-03 hertzogInclude full URL to the README of the upload queue
2010-01-03 hertzogUpdate guideline for override change to point to BTS...
2010-01-03 hertzogUse "3.0 (native)" source format with bzip2 compression
2010-01-03 hertzogAdd accent on my first name in debian/control.
2010-01-03 hertzogUpdate description of the PTS "summary" keyword
2009-12-22 osamuMarked bug number.
2009-12-18 osamuThis is not true any more.
2009-11-07 henrich-guestupdate Japanese translation (checked with msgfmt)
2009-09-17 lucasprepare changelog for next upload
2009-09-17 lucasalso update list of authors
2009-09-17 lucasUpdate copyright notices.
2009-09-12 lucasBump Standards-Version to 3.8.3. No changes needed.
2009-09-12 lucasrefresh .po
2009-09-12 lucasChange the maintainer address to debian-policy@, based...
2009-09-07 lucastypo
2009-09-07 lucasSpecify that bugs from removed packages must be closed...
2009-09-07 lucasFixed working of the repackaged tarballs section to...
2009-09-05 henrich-guesthenrich: update Japanese translations
2009-08-22 lucasAdded pointer to debian-project@ post about the wanna...
2009-07-27 lucasBump Standards-Version to 3.8.2. No changes needed.
2009-07-27 lucasBumped debhelper compat level to 5 (4 was deprecated)
2009-07-24 lucasreduce length of title of l10n section. #534688
2009-07-24 lucasadd discount. #538245
2009-07-12 henrich-guesthenrich: update japanese (sure, I've checked those...
2009-07-06 osamuupdate to latest and fix translation.
2009-07-05 osamufix missing quote but translation needs fix
2009-07-04 henrich-guesthenrich: update japanese translation
2009-07-03 henrich-guesthenrich: update japanese translation
2009-06-25 lucass/README.Debian-source/README.source/ in the section...
2009-06-25 lucasClarified NMU versioning to reflect existing practices...
2009-06-25 lucasadded a note in the w-b sect about release team's w...
2009-06-25 lucasupdate all po files for fr/ and ja/. no other changes.
2009-06-25 lucasfix section on patch systems. Closes #525668.
2009-06-24 lucasfix 526410 (Applied patch from Charles Plessy about...
2009-06-24 lucasfix #523985 (apply patch from paul wise about hostile...
2009-06-24 lucasfix #527008 (update list of codenames for releases)
2009-06-24 lucasfix #516436 (apply patch from Justin B Rye)
2009-06-01 spaillar-guestFix typos [ Stephane Blondon ]
2009-01-23 lucasprepare changelog for next version
2009-01-23 lucas3.4.1 uploaded to unstable
2009-01-23 lucasremove leading spaces in doc-base abstracts
2009-01-23 lucasupdate french po msgids
2009-01-22 lucasUpdate instructions on handling of security issues...
2009-01-22 lucasUpdated documentation on translation updates. (#474879)
2009-01-22 lucasDocument usertags (#367876)
2009-01-22 lucasuse <replaceable> for parameter
2009-01-22 lucasimproved README.contrib (#500371)
2009-01-22 lucasClarify wording about repackaged .orig.tar.gz. (#492661)
2009-01-22 lucasupdate instructions on the delayed queue (#512529)
2009-01-22 lucasfix typo and example about debug packages (#487664)
2009-01-22 lucasmention docbook-xml, and that debiandoc-sgml is deprecated
2009-01-20 bubulleA few more strings
2009-01-09 bubulleMore translations
2009-01-08 bubulleA few more strings again.
2009-01-07 bubulleA few more strings done
2008-10-12 bubulleMore progress
2008-10-12 bubulleFrench translation update
2008-09-08 lucasNMUs: fix typo spotted by zack
2008-08-26 lucasadded a changelog entry for the NMU changes
2008-08-26 lucasCommit DEP1, that rewrites the whole NMU section
2008-08-18 bubulle134/298.
2008-08-13 bubulleMore translated strings
2008-08-13 bubulleRefresh French PO files
2008-08-13 bubulleRefresh POT files
2008-08-12 lucastypo
2008-07-20 debacleAdd targets to check and tidy po files.
2008-07-03 henrich-guest - update Japanese translation (not yet complete, step...
2008-06-26 hertzogAvoid space in tag identifier.
2008-06-26 hertzogCreate a publish target in the Makefile to reenable...
2008-06-17 jseidel-guestRemoved a space at end of line po4a is warning about...
2008-06-17 jseidel-guestFixed syntax errors in ja/resources.po
2008-06-13 lucasadded 'not released yet' entry in changelog
2008-06-13 debacleImproved text output. (Better parametrisation of XSL...